180 People Travelling To Saudi For Umrah Stranded At The Airport As Company Disapproves Visas

by Deeplata Garde
180 People Travelling To Saudi For Umrah Stranded At The Airport As Company Disapproves Visas

The Saudi Board of Haj & Umrah has been consistent in informing people about taking only one Umrah trip this Ramadan. But some people are unfortunate to not even get it once. A group of people from the Maldives fall under this group. The group booked their tickets for Umrah and was supposed to board the flight today morning but due to certain miscommunication between the Saudi Visa issuing company their trip was cancelled. Understand why this happened.

Umrah Group from Maldives Had To Face Cancellation Due To Visa Issue

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180 pilgrims booked their Umrah trip for the holy month of Ramadan through Al Safa Pvt. Ltd. Despite submitting all documents they were not allowed to board the flights. According to the company, there was a problem with the Saudi visa-issuing company. And therefore the mishap took place affecting the pilgrims at the end moment.

As they were not informed about the visa issue till the 11th Hour the travellers had already sent their luggage in advance. According to the authorities, the pilgrims can collect their luggage between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm today itself.

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Saudi Announced Closure Of Last 10-Day Umrah Visa For Ramadan

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Can this be the reason for the visa issue that was faced by the Umrah pilgrims from Maldives? Might be! So the Saudi app setup for Pilgrims took it to the news to inform that no slots are available for the rest of Ramadan. No official statement has been released yet by the government regarding this.

The Nusuk app’s calendar displays all of Ramadan’s days, including the final 10 days, in grey, indicating that no new bookings can be made during that time. Since Ramadan began on March 23, a significant number of worshippers and Umrah pilgrims have been flocking to the Grand Mosque. Saudi Arabia has been filled with visitors from local and global crowds.

So we ain’t surprised by the news of slots filled up for the Umrah during Ramadan. And this can be a relevant reason for the disapproval of visas for the Umrah group from Maldives. We are still waiting for an official statement from the Al Safa group stating the reason behind this case.

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