1800 Momos For 500 People! YouTuber Threw A ‘Momo Party’ For A Village In Uttarakhand!

by Shreya Rathod
1800 Momos For 500 People! YouTuber Threw A ‘Momo Party’ For A Village In Uttarakhand!

In recent years, momos have gained popularity in India. These steamed dumplings originated in Tibet and are traditionally filled with seasoned pork meat. However, like every other dish, this one has also found variations, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian! Recently, a YouTuber arranged for a ‘momo party’ for an entire village in Uttarakhand. Take a look at people enjoying this delicious dish.

A ‘Momo Party’ For An Entire Village In Uttarakhand!


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Momos are comfort food for everyone, especially in the monsoon season. It tastes great with the spicy red chutney. YouTuber Ashwani Thapa organised a “momo party” in an effort to spread culinary joy over an entire community. Everyone received an invitation to the celebration. He prepared more than 1,800 pieces of momos for the 500 people that he was hosting.

Ashwani Thapa describes his strategy for the momo party in the opening of the clip. He prepared every detail, including inviting the entire community and setting up momo-eating contests. The first step in this party preparations was a conversation with the companion who would be handling everything. The two were then observed rushing at the Dhanaulti neighbourhood market.

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Arranging The Party For The Locals

momo party uttarakhand
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They began inviting everyone after making the necessary arrangements for his guests and booking the DJ. He made sure to invite everyone, whether it was by stopping every passerby or visiting every local market. His momo party was overtaken by the rain when the day finally came. And he was certain that nobody would attend. He was frequently seen worrying about whether his 1800 momos will be wasted.

It started out being only a few kids, who the YouTuber supplied drinks to. Later, he noticed a group of men ascending the steps. He was delighted to see this but eventually realised that they were merely a handful of tourists who were just passing through. Soon, several elderly individuals began to arrive as well.

His party was a great success, though not the whole village came. Most importantly, Ashwani Thapa was spotted picking up the trash and cleaning up the area after his celebration was over.

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The locals appeared to be having a good time, which their taste buds undoubtedly appreciated.

Cover Image Courtesy: ashwani thapa/ YouTube