1st Time In 90 Yrs, India Becomes Rail Europe’s 2nd Largest Market. Clearly, Indians Love Europe!

More and more travel enthusiasts of India are booking their tickets to explore Europe.

by Shreya Ghosh
1st Time In 90 Yrs, India Becomes Rail Europe’s 2nd Largest Market. Clearly, Indians Love Europe!

Remember the time when we opened Instagram and all we could see was travellers exploring different parts of Europe? From London to Prague to Vienna, the demand for visiting bustling cities of the continent has always been epic, especially during the peak holiday season in both summer and winter seasons. Europe welcomes a humongous number of visitors from India and our country has become Rail Europe’s second-largest market.

India Is Now One Of Rail Europe’s Significant Markets

Rail Europe
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We all are aware of Indians’ love and wish for travelling to overseas destinations, especially cities in Europe. Lakhs of travel enthusiasts from India head to the continent every year to enjoy vacations. Following a great year for the travel sector in 2023, India has become the second-largest market for Rail Europe in the year 2023.

Björn Bende, the President & CEO of Rail Europe, recently shared the news of India reaching the second-largest position in the market of Rail Europe, according to a report by the Economic Times. In the past 90 years, this is the first time this Asian country emerged as the second-most important market for this travel company in Europe. This is indeed massive news for both the European travel market and visitors from India.

India reached the rank of being the second-largest market in the previous year by moving ahead of China and Japan. And as always, the United States of America is Rail Europe’s biggest market. Not just in 2023, India has always been a prominent market for this rail-ticketing company in Europe. But 2023 witnessed fantastic growth when India climbed to the second position.

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The Company Did A Great Business In 2023

Rail Europe
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Back in 2023, about 5 million tickets were purchased from this rail company in Europe. The visitors were from different parts of the world. Among 5 million tickets, Rail Europe sold about 5 lakh tickets in India, according to a report by The Times of India. A major reason behind this amazing growth in travel demand is the way India recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, as shared by Rail Europe’s President and CEO.

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Rail Europe is a prominent name in the industry and most travellers opt for this company to book train tickets for exploring Europe.

Do you have plans to travel to Europe in 2024?

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