21 Kg Gold-Coated Ganesh Laddu In Hyderabad Auctioned Off For ₹18.9 Lakhs

by Tania Tarafdar
21 Kg Gold-Coated Ganesh Laddu In Hyderabad Auctioned Off For ₹18.9 Lakhs

Which is the biggest laddu you have had in your life? Well, nothing beats this 21kg Ganesh Laddu at the Balapur Ganesh Utsav Samithi in Hyderabad. And guess what? They are all set to auction off this laddu that is offered to Lord Ganesh during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. It turns out that the sweet is auctioned every year before the commencement of the Ganesh Nimajjan Yatra.

The 21kg Laddu Is Made Of Pure Ghee And Dry Fruits

Popularly known as the Balapur Ganesh Laddu, this divine offering is made from pure ghee and dry fruits. Kept in a silver plate, this humongous laddu is prepared and donated by Honeywell Foods every year. The money from this auction is then used for developmental works in and around the area. This auction was first organised in 1994.

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The Laddu Was Sold For ₹17.6 In 2019

The Ganesh Ladddu was sold for ₹17.6 lakh in 2019 after Hyderabad-based realtor Kolan Rami Reddy made the winning bid. The realtor’s father, Kolan Mohan Reddy, a local farmer, had won the first-ever laddu auction and bought the laddu for ₹450 back in 1994. Since then, his family has placed the winning bid many times.

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Many Ganesh mandlas in Hyderabad auction laddus during the Ganesh Chaturthi festivals. The devotees believe that the auction brings prosperity and luck to the winner. The immersion procession, that follows the auction is a popular affair but the celebrations are restricted due to the global pandemic.