21-Year-Old Lexie Alford Becomes Youngest Person To Travel To Every Country In The World

by Angel Srivastava
21-Year-Old Lexie Alford Becomes Youngest Person To Travel To Every Country In The World

While you and your squad are unable to plan that one trip to Goa since the past four years, 21-year-old Lexie Alford just became the youngest person to have traveled all 196 sovereign countries across the world. On 31st May Lexie visited Korea, completing her list and becoming the youngest person in history to visit every sovereign country.

What Is It?

On 31st May, 21-year-old Lexie Alford visited North Korea, and beat James Asquith from the UK for the title of the youngest person to visit every sovereign country in the world.

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Image Credits: Lexie Limitless

Lexie has been working towards breaking the world record ever since she was a child. She made it official on Instagram by posting a picture on Instagram with the caption, ‘OFFICIALLY TRAVELED TO EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD’.

Alford’s family owns a travel agency in California, but all her trips have been self-funded. Time to check on those savings guys!

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Initially, she did not have any plan of breaking a record and was content being a simple traveler. The first time she thought of breaking the record was when she turned 18. By that time she had already traveled to 72 countries.

Image Credits: Lexie Limitless

By 2016, Lexie became serious and started working towards her mission. She graduated 2 years early from high school and got an associate’s degrees from a local college. After this, she dropped the idea of going back to school and decided to just pursue her love for travel.

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Image Credits: Lexie Limitless

What’s More?

Lexie was overwhelmed by the amount of love and affection she was receiving from everyone from all across the world. The memoirs of her travel on her blog and on her Social Media profile have managed to inspire a lot of young travelers to follow their passion of travelling the world.

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She has independently traveled to 196 countries by the age of 21 with the ultimate goal of showing people that the world is not a scary place and that in each country, every culture harbours kindness. Her mission is to inspire people to choose a path ‘less traveled by’, breaking stereotypes about certain countries, and making female solo travel more common.

Image Credits: Lexie Limitless

To know about Lexie’s crazy travel stories, and sneak a peek into her life as a female solo traveler check out her website lexielimitless.com. Well, I for sure am inspired and wait to plan my a trip soon. Meanwhile, here is wishing Lexie all the best for all her upcoming adventures.