Meet Baderkhan, The Man Travelling The World With The Worst Passport

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Meet Baderkhan, The Man Travelling The World With The Worst Passport

Travelling is supposed to be a very enriching, rewarding and fun-filled experience. But what happens if you have the worst passport ever in the world? Baderkhan knows this struggle all too well. He carries the worst Passport in the world, the Passport of Iraq that ranks at the bottom of the list of Passports. With this, he can only go to 30 countries sans a visa. This compared to a US Passport that allows access to 165 countries without a Visa! But Baderkhan has proved that even the worst passport cannot stop you from living life to the fullest. Here is how he manages to travel with such limited options and discriminatory procedures.

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The Man With The Worst Passport 
Baderkhan is a popular face and even a celebrity of sorts back at home in Kurdistan, Iraq. He has voraciously tackled all obstacles in his path and visited 70 countries with a passport that only allows him to visit 30 countries without a Visa. Now that’s highly commendable!

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From which city did u watch my story on @drewbinsky page? Tell me your thoughts (: And remember i am a tourist not a terrorist ?? (Link in bio) . —————— . لە چ گوندێک/شارێک چیرۆکەکەمت بینی بە کامێرای دروو بنسکی؟ سەرەڕای ئەو هەموو ڕێگریە بەڵام بە پشتیوانی ئێوە هەموو بەربەستەکان دەڕووخێنین❤️ (لینکی ڤیدیۆکە لە بایۆکەمە) . —————— . من اي مدينة شاهدت قصتي بعدسة درو بنسكي؟ قصتي في الترحال حول العالم بجوازي العراقي! معا سنكسر الحواجز ونغير طريقة التفكير بحاملي هذا الجواز ? (رابط القصة فی الصفحة الرئيسية)

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The Iraqi Passport
It takes the last spot on the ranking list of passports in the world. 176. Compare it to say a US passport which allows its residents to visit 165 countries without a visa, with the Iraqi passport you can only visit 30 countries without a visa.

It was Baderkhan’s parents that inspired him to take up travel so sincerely. The bedtime stories they would narrate to him as a child piqued his interest to see the world!

Not only has he travelled 70 countries with the worst passport ever, in 2016 alone, but he also managed to visit 26 countries! Whoa, he sure is spirited!

This means Baderkhan had to tolerate several tedious procedures and accusations in order to be able to receive visa permits. For instance, Baderkhan had to go to Baghdad and apply for a visa from there when he had to go to the Philippines. He also had to sit in on an interview with the Ambassador. And we crib about going to our own passport offices even. Watch this video to know more about Baderkhan.

The goal behind his travel? It is not to see the world or live life to the fullest but tell the world that, ” I am a tourist, not a terrorist.” We sure hope Baderkhan gets to go places without trouble and hate thrown his way! He is one inspirational man. Respect, brother.

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