22 Life Lessons Every Father Should Gift His Daughter This Father’s Day

by Kamiya Jani
22 Life Lessons Every Father Should Gift His Daughter This Father’s Day

A father never wants you to be harmed but wants every lesson to be learned. He’s someone who gives you more than just half of your genes.

This is a quote from the book – Dear Rhonda, Life lessons from a father to his daughter. On the occasion of the much-hyped Father’s Day, I have just penned down a few life lessons mentioned in the book. Rhonda was given a few life lessons by her father which every girl of today’s day and age will be able to relate to. I kept bookmarking whatever touched my heart. Hope this is of some use!

  1. No one is happy all the time or depressed all the time; if they seem to be, they need counselling.
  2. Just remember some folks will do some really rotten things to you, just so they can see you reaction. I say, don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing they upset you. Living well is the best revenge.
  3. Never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.
  4. If you are the one who is hurt, bow out gracefully, do not resort to violence and get on with your life.
  5. Trends and fads come and go, but class and style are forever. If you wish to be seen as a classy person, you should dress and carry yourself with class. Class is nothing more than being kinder, more gracious, and more generous than others expect you to be.
  6. When dealing with matters of the heart, our imagination can be our best and worst friend.
  7. Romance is like traffic accident; the slower you go, the less damage you do.
  8. Don’t try to change people. Look at his worst habit, magnify it by ten and honestly think about whether or not you can deal with it.
  9. Nobody, not even you, is perfect. You do, however, deserve the best – as long as you’re trying to be the best, Always go for that.
  10. Every new morning you see is God’s way of saying, ‘Get up and try again’.
  11. Everything will be alright in the morning, maybe not tomorrow morning, but one morning is going to come and everything will be all right
  12. No matter how many times he says he’s sorry, no matter how “fine” he is, no matter how “phat” or popular, one abuse, physical or mental, and it’s five, four, three, two, your time is up!
  13. I was once told to treat everyone I love as if they were going to die tomorrow, because one day, I’ll be right.
  14. Whenever you are faced with a dilemma and you wonder whether you should or shouldn’t do something, ask yourself this: Would I do this or say this if my mother or father or God was standing beside me watching?
  15. Remember three things someone will use to take advantage of you:
    a. Sympathy – The quickest way to a woman’s heart is through pity.
    b. Flattery – “Ohh baby, you so fine!”
    c. Ingenuine kindness – “I did this for you, you can’t do this much for me?” Anyone who does something for you with the expressed purpose of getting something in return is to be watched like a snake.
  16. I never knew what a hungry day was until I was responsible for taking care of myself.
  17. God and you are the only ones who will know whether or not you are lying.
  19. Sons have their mamas and daddies to feed and dress them and put a roof over their heads, As long as they are doing so, their sons will be mama’s or daddy’s little boys. They won’t do the hard work because mama or daddy has always done it for them. Old habits die hard.
  20. You can’t make everyone like you. Some folks just won’t and that’s their loss because they won’t ever know the splendour and wonder of knowing what a simply marvellous individual you truly are. I will say it again; living well is the best revenge.
  21. Here are some positive ways to get through the angry period:
    a. Try to think of something funny that in the past, has made you laugh
    b. Go to your room and pray that whatever made you angry will go far but not before the bluebird of happiness gets over a bout of constipation on their shoulder.
    c. Keep repeating to yourself, “This too shall pass”
    d. Count to 2,3,5
    e. Sit down and honestly think about what life would be like if that person who made you angry or depressed wasn’t around anymore and wasn’t ever coming back.
  22. Be a little kinder than you have to be, but don’t be gullible. Be patient, but don’t be a doormat. Be forgiving, while keeping in mind the guilty party might commit the same act again, and if you must, forgive them again, then put some distance between you two.

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