24-Year-Old Victim Of The Odisha Train Accident Was Found Alive In A Morgue! Read His Story.

by Shreya Rathod
24-Year-Old Victim Of The Odisha Train Accident Was Found Alive In A Morgue! Read His Story.

The Odisha train accident was one of the most tragic train accidents in the history of India. Reportedly, many people lost their lives and several of them were injured. And in this very tragedy, we came across stories of victims that survived this horrible fate. Here’s one story of a 24-year-old boy who was presumed to be dead but his father’s believed him to be alive.

24-Year-Old Survived The Odisha Train Accident!

In times of tragedy, you will find tales of unwavering hope and relentless determination. In an Odisha train accident, the father of a 24-year-old boy refused to accept his demise. He travelled to Balasore and covered the 230-kilometre distance to bring his son back to Kolkata.

The devastating triple train accident resulted in 275 deaths and injured more than 1000 people. Among these victims was the 24-year-old Biswajit Malik who was travelling by Coromandel Express. Just hours after handing off his son at Shalimar station to catch the Coromandel Express, his father, a shopkeeper Helaram Malik, learned about the train collision in Odisha.

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He immediately tried contacting his son on his cell phone.

The Boy Was Found Alive

Biswajit was in pain but managed to answer the call conveying that he was still alive. Hearing this, his father sprung into action without wasting a single moment with his brother-in-law. Even after inquiring at every hospital where train accident victims were taken to, he couldn’t find his son. Unexpected chaos broke out in the gloomy scene at the makeshift mortuary when an accident victim’s right hand began shaking violently, and the man was Biswajit. The 24-year-old was unconscious and in critical condition after the collision.

He was immediately placed in an ambulance by his father and uncle, who then took him to Balasore Hospital to receive care. The boy was rushed to a hospital in Kolkata by his family. He had to undergo several operations and surgeries.

As per the report in Times Of India, the father stated that they didn’t stop looking for his son even after not getting any leads.

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This was the story of a survivor and we praise their undeterred spirits!

Cover Image Courtesy: Harish Kumar/ Twitter