Odisha Train Accident: These People Escaped The Clutches Of Death But Their Spirits Are Undeterred

by Shreya Rathod
Odisha Train Accident: These People Escaped The Clutches Of Death But Their Spirits Are Undeterred

The recent train accident in Odisha has resulted in many deaths. While the death toll is increasing and has reached around 275 some others are battling to survive! In times of tragedy and loss of life, we are relieved to hear that some of them made it out of death’s clutches. Here are some stories of people who escaped their death.

16-Year-Old Boy Travelling In Coromandel Express Survived!

A 16-year-old student named George Jacob Das was travelling by Coromandel Express. While his parents had a reservation in B2, he got a seat in the B8 coach. The family attempted to have the TTE transfer to B8 and switch the 16-year-old’s seat, but they were unsuccessful. And his father asked him to travel in B8 as they will be joining him. However, his mother suggested he go there after dinner and he stayed. After some time, they heard a loud crash and he saw hands and legs scattered around! They came to know that the majority of B8 coach passengers had lost their lives.

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24-Year-Old Youth Was Presumed To be Dead

At Bahanaga, a young man from Howrah, age 24, was kept in a makeshift mortuary and was found to be alive. His father found him buried in a pile of corpses but claimed that he was alive. It was his father’s stubbornness that saved his life! He was then brought to Kolkata and admitted to a hospital where he underwent a few surgeries.

The Little 8-Year-Old Survived This Horrible Accident

A man with an 8-year-old daughter was among the passengers who were travelling by B8 coach. They were travelling to Cuttack by Coromandel Express. Because his daughter wanted to sit near the window, he requested the passengers to change seats and fulfil her wish. He had switched the seats for himself and his daughter just before the disaster and their lives were spared.

A 10-Year-Old Was Trapped Under Dead Bodies

A 10-year-old was involved in the train accident and was trapped under the dead bodies. He suffered multiple injuries on his face and head but was saved by his elder brother. He also had to undergo a few surgeries.

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These were some stories of the Odisha Train Accident survivors whose spirits are undeterred!

Cover Image Courtesy: H & FW Dept Odisha/ Twitter