2nd Edition Of Bain Al Ghaf Festival Returns To Mushrif National Park & Forests With Heritage, Entertainment & More

Here are the highlights of the festival.

by Deeplata Garde
2nd Edition Of Bain Al Ghaf Festival Returns To Mushrif National Park & Forests With Heritage, Entertainment & More

In collaboration with Dubai Municipality and the Endowments and Minors’ Funds Management Foundation, the Bain Al Ghaf festival is set to grace the Mushrif National Park and Forests in Dubai from 8 to 18 February. With its second edition, the festival aims to strengthen community bonds and foster a sense of togetherness among the residents of Dubai’s neighbourhoods and the Furjan area.

Aligning With Dubai’s Social Agenda 33

Aligned with the goals of Dubai Social Agenda 33, the festival strives to promote family and social stability while empowering the community through various enriching activities. By focusing on enhancing the quality of life within Furjan Dubai, the festival embodies Dubai’s vision of creating interconnected and happy families.

What To Expect At The Bain Al Ghaf Festival, Dubai?

The Bain Al Ghaf Festival boasts a diverse range of areas and activities catering to different interests. From the home entrepreneurs’ zone to the youth area and the live drawing section for Al Furjan artists, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The festival offers a platform for talent display, culinary delights, and engaging workshops aimed at skill development and creativity enhancement.

Interactive Art Experiences & Celebrating Local Talent

With the participation of over 150 talents and 45 home projects, restaurants, and cafés, the festival celebrates the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the community. It serves as a launchpad for young talents, offering them new opportunities for growth and skill acquisition while contributing to the local economy.

The festival features live drawing sessions and murals by distinguished artists and calligraphers, providing visitors with an immersive artistic experience. Attendees can witness the creative process firsthand and engage with the artists, fostering a deeper appreciation for art and culture.

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Enriching Children’s Experience

Dedicated entertainment areas for children offer educational and cultural activities, including horse riding, a small zoo, and Emirati folk games. Workshops and competitions encourage children to develop their skills and explore their talents. Also, it fosters a sense of creativity and teamwork in a family-friendly environment.

showcases the achievements of talented individuals from Al Furjan, serving as inspirational role models for future generations. By highlighting local talent in various fields, the exhibition aims to motivate excellence and innovation within the community.

More than 25 craft, professional, and creative workshops cater to all age groups, empowering participants economically and socially. These workshops aim to enhance skills, nurture creativity, and encourage entrepreneurship. Overall, it equips participants with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of emerging projects.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai Media Office/ Website

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