3 Beaches In Mumbai’s Madh Island To Get A Makeover Soon! Deets Inside!

by Shreya Rathod
3 Beaches In Mumbai’s Madh Island To Get A Makeover Soon! Deets Inside!

Being a coastal town, Mumbai is known for its beaches — a prime attraction of the city. Therefore, locals must avoid polluting these beautiful beaches. As authorities take strict measures to clean them. The Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority is the government body responsible for this. And they have taken an important decision related to the beautification of three beaches on Madh Island. Here are details of this coastal project.

Madh Island Beaches To Get A Makeover!

madh island beaches
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The authorities of MCZMA have cleared the proposal for three Madh Island beaches — Dana Pani Beach, Erangal Beach and Silver Beach. This happened in a meeting held on March 8th and the beautification of these beaches will be done by Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB).

According to their proposal, protection walls will be constructed and public amenities will be developed on Erangal Beach. The design of this protection wall is suggested by the Central Water Power Research Station. This beach suffers from erosion and, therefore, has no public amenities. Authorities suspect that in addition to the reduction in erosion, they will be able to conserve the beach and will help boost tourism.

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As for Silver Beach and Dana Pani Beach, an anti-sea erosion bund and other amenities for visitors will be constructed on the beach. It will include a wall and steps, a garden beach for seating, entrance and parking, a garden for senior citizens and children’s play area. Also, there will be a food plaza, sanitary facilities, lawns, an open gym, public toilets, a UCR wall, steps and garden bench and solar-powered street lights.

Valuable Details Of The Project

In addition to the construction and development of the beaches, the Environment Impact Assessment report states that the construction activities shall be carried out beyond the CRZ area. This will ensure that there is minimum disturbance to soil quality. Though some amount of soil will be cleared, the authorities will maintain the land level.

Moreover, MMB authorities have asked to ensure that the anti-sea erosion bund is at the high-water level and on the landward side of the high tide line. One of the guidelines given by MCZMA is that the bund shouldn’t occupy any land on the beach area on the seaward side.

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These were the details for the beautification of the Madh Island beaches.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia