3 Islands, 36 New Projects & More, Abu Dhabi Has 11,000 Houses Under Construction!

Abu Dhabi's housing surge with 11,000 new homes transforming the urban canvas.

by Deeplata Garde
3 Islands, 36 New Projects & More, Abu Dhabi Has 11,000 Houses Under Construction!

In a sweeping transformation, Abu Dhabi is witnessing a surge in construction activities. With over 11,000 homes, the UAE Capital is advancing through different stages across 36 housing projects. This monumental upswing underscores the city’s commitment to meeting the escalating demand for housing. Also, more than 400,000 square kilometres of land is now approved for innovative construction.

Yas Island’s Paramount Role In Housing Projects

Pic Creds: Media Library

Taking the helm in this housing revolution is Yas Island, claiming the lion’s share of the new units. According to official data, a staggering 3,380 houses are actively under construction on Yas Island. This is in turn solidifying its position as a pivotal player in the regional housing landscape.

Gardenia Bay: Yas Island’s Architectural Marvel

Recently we discovered the most ambitious housing project in Abu Dhabi. It’s currently shaping in Yas Island. “Gardenia Bay,” an architectural marvel featuring an impressive 2,434 units. This flagship development is a testament to Yas Island’s dedication to providing expansive housing options. Also, it provides quantity as well as diverse options for its residents.

Saadiyat Island’s Ascendance

Saadiyat Island, too, is experiencing substantial growth, with nearly 2,700 houses sprouting within 13 projects currently in the construction phase. This surge in new homes on Saadiyat Island reflects the island’s evolving residential landscape, poised to meet the surging demand for housing options in Abu Dhabi.

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Al-Reem Island’s “Reem Hills” Initiative

In another corner of the emirate, Al-Reem Island is etching its presence with the “Reem Hills” project, encompassing 984 houses in various stages of construction. This initiative significantly contributes to the city’s housing diversity, aligning seamlessly with ongoing efforts to address the ever-increasing housing needs in the emirate.


With a staggering 11,000 homes underway across various projects, Abu Dhabi is experiencing a transformative surge in residential construction. The focused development on Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, and Al-Reem Island not only underscores the city’s commitment to meeting housing demands but also assures a resilient and dynamic residential landscape for the future, reflecting a harmonious blend of modernity, sustainability, and community living.

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