3 Reasons Why UAE Is The Most Desirable Place To Live In

by Ishita Agarwal
3 Reasons Why UAE Is The Most Desirable Place To Live In

For the eleventh year running, Arab youth have picked the UAE as the nation they would most want to live in. In addition, the UAE was ranked as the most desired country to live in by 57% of the 3,400 young Arabs questioned in the Middle East and North Africa for the 14th annual ASDA’A BCW Arab Youth Survey, greatly outranking the US, Canada, France, and Germany. Here are the reasons UAE is the most desirable place to live in, according to youth. 

1. Growth Of UAE’s Economy 

The top five things that draw people to the UAE are its growing economy, safe and secure environment, and high-paying jobs. Other things that draw people to the country are the variety of jobs it offers and the way the country functions. The UAE was also appealing because it respected the area’s cultural traditions, had a good education system, made it easy to start a business, and had low taxes. 

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2. New Visa Reforms In UAE

According to the survey, most young Emiratis are happy with the UAE’s new plans for long-term growth. More than nine out of ten people like the new rules. Therefore, will make it easier for expatriates to get residence visas and make them last longer.

Eighty-four per cent agree with the decision to let expatriates own 100% of onshore companies. Eighty-three per cent agree with the soon-to-be-introduced corporation tax. However, almost nine in ten agree that people should work Monday through Friday.

UAE Visa
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3. Religion And Nationality In UAE 

33% of Emiratis said their religion and nationality were essential to their identity. Only 41% of Arab youth said their religion was crucial to their identity.

75% of young Emiratis agree with their Arab peers from around the region that keeping the Arab world’s religious and cultural identity is more important than making it more globalised. But while 55% of Arab youth say they care less about the Arabic language than their parents do. However, 50% of young Emiratis say the opposite.

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So, because of these 3 reasons, UAE is the most desirable place to live in. In the comment section below, let us know what you think of these reasons. 

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