30% Of Middle East Employees Are Likely To Look For A Job In 2023: Study

by Deeplata Garde
30% Of Middle East Employees Are Likely To Look For A Job In 2023: Study

UAE received the vote as the best destination to work and reside in the world. According to Survey from 2022, 1,565 workers in the region, and professionals in the Middle East prioritise chances to improve their expertise as well as wanting clarity, mobility, and professional welfare. The “Great Resignation” trend is still very much alive and well among the Middle East employees, where 30% of workers are “very” or “highly” likely” to look for new jobs in the upcoming year.

Great Resignation Trend Might Occur In UAE

On the strength of the government’s fiscal and monetary policies, the employment sector of the UAE has rebounded significantly from the virus outbreak slump. UAE is the second-largest Arab economy. According to a research conducted in February by the employment website Bayt.com, over 76% of UAE firms intend to increase their staff this year. Middle East Employees are choosing between models to work, be it office or remotely.

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Survey Statistics Of Middle East Employees

Two-thirds of would Middle East employees actively seek new employment in 2022. The reason behind these actions is the rebound of recruiting activity recovering to pre-pandemic levels.

28 per cent of those surveyed acknowledged working full-time in person, which is more than almost double the global average. 63% of respondents stated they could execute their tasks remotely.


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Just 23% of respondents said they prefer working in an office. 77% said they would choose a hybrid approach that offered them greater freedom.

Employees in the Middle East are significantly more likely to request a wage raise, at 54%, relative to 35% of their colleagues abroad.

The generation most likely to request a pay increase, a promotion, or to quit their current job in order to find a new one is the region’s millennials. Basically the individuals born between 1981 and 1996.

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