300th Electric Loco Flagged Off At Alstom’s Depot In Nagpur. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
300th Electric Loco Flagged Off At Alstom’s Depot In Nagpur. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The 300th electric locomotive was successfully flagged off from Alstom’s depot in Nagpur. It was delivered to Indian Railways earlier this week, successfully. With this, the Indian Railways will now have the capacity to operate large freight trains at fast speeds. This will help in achieving its aggressive flight ambitions. Here is everything you need to know about the 300th electric loco. 

300th Electric Loco Flagged Off In Nagpur

At Alstom’s cutting-edge locomotive maintenance station in Nagpur, the 300th electric locomotive was flagged off. As part of a €3.5 billion contract, Alstom is supplying 800 potent double-section locomotives with a combined 12,000 horsepower (9 MW). Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated it last year in December. 

These locomotives, named by Indian Railways as WAG-12B, can draw rakes weighing 6,000 tonnes and reach top speeds of 120 km/h. It is significant to note that as part of the contract, 250 WAG12B e-locos will be maintained by Alstom’s Nagpur Depot, starting with series 60251. (As per Financial Express)

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Modern Technology And Features

The presence of the most cutting-edge features and technology in this depot allows for proactive maintenance of India’s most advanced freight locomotives at significantly lower costs. With the help of the Train Tracer and Health Hub systems, the depot’s Centered Fleet Monitoring (CFM) system keeps an eye on the fleet directly.

In the Indian Railways sector, this is the largest FDI project. With these e-locos, India becomes the sixth country across the globe to produce such high power electric loco in the country itself. The WAG-12B locomotives debuted about two years ago. 

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)-based propulsion technology is used by the e-locos. With the use of regenerative braking, this technology will offer significant energy consumption savings.

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