-4° C Temperature: North India Reels Under The Impact Of Cold Wave

by Tooba Shaikh
-4° C Temperature: North India Reels Under The Impact Of Cold Wave

For quite some time now, the entire north India region has been grappling with the cold wave. The region has witnessed some of the lowest temperatures in history. This week, though there was a slight raise in temperature, experts still suggest that the cold wave is far from over. Locals in the region are forced to suffer through harsh weather conditions for survival, and respite, it seems, is not coming soon.

Temperature Dips As Low As -4 C Amidst Cold Wave

North India is witnessing a harsh cold wave with temperatures dropping as low as -4 C. Experts have confirmed that in the coming days, the weather is likely to drop lower. January 14 to 19 will witness extreme chills. Out of these dates, January 16 to 18 will be the worst. With the lowest temperatures, the cold wave will peak on these dates.

Recently, a weather expert took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and informed that things were very likely to get worse before they improve. The founder of Live Weather of India Navdeep Dahiya tweeted a weather update.

He posted a weather map of the country with the caption “Don’t know how to put this up but [the] upcoming spell of #Coldwave in #India look[s] extreme during 14[th]-19th January 2023 with peak on 16[th]-18th, Never seen temperatures ensemble going this low in a prediction model so far in my career. Freezing -4° c to +2° c in plains, Wow!”

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Light Rainfall In Delhi

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasted that there is a possibility of light rain in the nation’s capital. While this may provide temporary respite and an increase in temperature, it is highly likely that the icy temperatures in the region are here to stay for a little longer.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir have been quite literally buried in snow with the possibility of the temperature dropping as low as -6 degrees Celsius.

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If you’re living in one of the regions affected by this cold wave, let us know how you’ve been.

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