40-YO Sugarcane Stall’s Vendor In Bangalore Get A Sweet Surprise From A Photographer

by Mallika Khurana
40-YO Sugarcane Stall’s Vendor In Bangalore Get A Sweet Surprise From A Photographer

We all have some go-to spots in our hometowns. Be it to buy our daily dose of chocolates or for a refreshing glass of juice, we are all habitual of going to one particular vendor. Most of these vendors don’t even have a proper name for their venture. However, a regular exchange of smiles creates a bond that no big chain can beat. Recently, the story of one such sugarcane juice vendor in Bangalore hit Instagram, and it’s wholesome! 

Sugarcane Juice Vendor In Bangalore Received A Gift


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A photography page, Lightsdots Photography, recently posted a sugarcane photo story on their page and introduced us to Mr Velu. He has been running a sugarcane juice stall in Richards Town, Bangalore. He is an honest man who has been serving Bangalore the best and most refreshing sugarcane for 40 years now. Every day, he works tirelessly and makes delicious glasses of juice for everyone to enjoy. 

After decades of hard work, he has certainly established a clientele for himself. It’s not surprising to know that the glasses of sugarcane juice in his stall were passed down through generations. Surprisingly, his stall doesn’t have a single element of branding. Without any banner or poster, he has been running this venture wholeheartedly.

But we’re forced to imagine if some branding would help him cater this sweet elixir to more people. Well, the folks at Lightdots Photography took it upon themselves to give Mr Velu a perfect poster to put up at his stall.

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He Got The Perfect Banner For His Stall

Sugarcane juice
Photo Credits: Canva

What next? They designed a simple yet artistic poster and shot it using real sugarcanes, representing juice squeezing out of them. It was a truly innovative idea that turned out perfectly. Once it was done, they presented it to Mr Velu and his wife at his stall, and their happiness upon receiving it was simply priceless. 

This gesture resulted in more than one good thing. Not only did Mr Velu receive a banner for the branding of his stall, but it also acted as a recognition of all his tireless hard work over the decades. Moreover, it also revived the world’s faith in humanity and the power of simple efforts. This meant so much more to everyone than the effort put in to make it happen. 

The intention to do well is all it takes, doesn’t it?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Lightdots Photography