4000 Trekkers Overcrowd Karnataka’s Kumara Parvatha During R-Day Long Weekend; The Sight Is Concerning

The trekking spot in Karnataka witnessed over 4000 trekkers during the long weekend straining the environment.

by Sanjana Shenoy
4000 Trekkers Overcrowd Karnataka’s Kumara Parvatha During R-Day Long Weekend; The Sight Is Concerning

The Republic Day long weekend spelt travel for many Indians. So, popular tourist spots witnessed crowds; temples welcomed an influx of devotees, and many trekking spots in the country were unable to offer peace and tranquillity due to the huge numbers of hikers. In Kumara Parvatha in Karnataka, over 4000 trekkers overcrowded the trekking spot during the Republic Day long weekend. The pictures and videos circulating on the Internet are concerning, to say the least.

Kumara Parvatha Witnessed 4000 Trekkers Overcrowding During The Long Weekend

Kumara Parvatha nestled in the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is a trekking spot that begins about 1 km away from the revered Kukke Subramanya temple. It’s located around 280 km away from Bengaluru. The 12km trekking spot over the years has won the hearts of trekkers from not just Karnataka but its neighbouring states as well.

Visit Udupi, a travel and tour agency took to X ( formerly Twitter) to share a concerning video from Kumara Parvatha during the Republic Day long weekend. In the caption, @VisitUdupi states that India has a population of 1.4 billion, and one must avoid travelling to popular tourist destinations in the country during the long weekend or the peak season. The viral video shows a serpentine queue of trekkers wearing backpacks, holding sleeping bags in their hands and loudly chattering with their mates.
It’s concerning to see the sea of hikers which is around 4000 during the 3-day long weekend. The massive influx of hikers at Kumara Parvatha in Karnataka puts pressure on the environment and may hamper the ecological balance of the region. Conservationists demanded action after the video went viral. Karnataka Forest Minister Eshwar Khandre instructed the deputy conservator of forests, Madikeri to visit Kumara Parvatha and submit a detailed report on the damage done.

Online Booking Might Come Up To Regulate Tourist Crowds

Kumara Parvatha
Picture Credits: Canva
Eshwar Khandre stated to TOI that trekking is already banned from March to September. This is due to forest fires and monsoons. However, after such incidents of overcrowding, the forest minister and his team might frame rules to regulate trekking in the region. Moreover, trekkers to Kumara Parvatha in the future might have to go for online booking. With online booking a carrying capacity can be fixed and only those many trekkers will be permitted entry.
The chief conservator of forests, Kodagu Circle, Manoj Kumar Tripathi stated that the viral video was taken at the entry point. Here, trekkers lined up to submit their plastic waste and other banned material.
Meanwhile, travellers do let us know if you visited any popular tourist spots during the long weekend and if you witnessed crowds.
Cover Image Courtesy: @VisitUdupi/ X
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