49 KM From Vizag Airport, A Farmstay Near Marika Hills Has In-House Products Ghee, Araku Coffee & More

Have some juicy passion fruits and custard apples right off its branches at Zen-niwa in Vizianagaram.

by Ankita Mazumdar
49 KM From Vizag Airport, A Farmstay Near Marika Hills Has In-House Products Ghee, Araku Coffee & More

Ever craved to spend a couple of days off your phone and internet to experience life? You can fulfill your wish by booking your stay at Zen-niwa, a farm stay near Vizag that is surrounded by lush green hills and has an area of 100 acres of an agro farm where they cultivate huge amounts of fruits and vegetables. Let’s check them out.

A Farmstay Near Vizag Will Get You Zen Mode Of Life

Zen-niwa - WabiSabi
Image Credits: Airbnb/Zen-niwa – WabiSabi Farmstay

Zen-niwa is a farm stay that should be your call when you want to experience the life of living on a farm. Vizianagaram is a very quiet and lush spot that will make you feel at zen. This place will make you feel like staying surrounded by the greenery is much better than staying in the cities of concrete jungle. This farm stay near Vizag, Zen-niwa, also alludes to the same emotions. It thrives on the experience of a zen mode of living. We truly get that!

It is located at the foothills of the Marika Reserve Forest and overlooks a pond, just like in the cover image. The monsoons are pretty heavy in Andhra Pradesh so this pond further flows out to the seasonal streams nearby. If the weather is right, you can take a long and relaxing dip in this water body.

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The property is simple, just like the farm life there, with a terracotta roof and big stone bricks. It is very well lit as each corner of the stay receives sunlight. It will make you value and enjoy the present moment.

Witness Farming And Food Products Being Manufactured

Zen-niwa - WabiSabi F
Image Credits: Airbnb/Zen-niwa – WabiSabi Farmstay

Spread over 100 acres of land, Zen-niwa’s owner also brings the experience of farm-to-table. A small portion of the land is for the farm stay and the rest is for agricultural purposes. They do dairy and dairy products, mushrooms, mangoes, papaya, custard apples, dragon fruits, passion fruits, bananas, and many more. Imagine waking up to a juicy fruit salad fresh from the trees every day, hmm it sounds yum!

Besides all these fruits and vegetables, this farmstay near Vizag produces in-house food items sustainably that are fresh. Some are ghee, cold pressed oils of ground nuts or sesame seeds, araku coffee, brown and white rice, kalakand, ragi, black pepper, curry powder, and more. They maintain sustainable ways of living and also manufacture homemade bio soap; how cool is that!

How To Reach?

Zen-niwa - WabiSabi Farmstay
Image Credits: Airbnb/Zen-niwa – WabiSabi Farmstay

If you feel like going for a drive with your partner to the city of Vizianagaram from Vishakhapatnam, then it is a very short one. The distance between the places is 66 km and can be covered in one and a half hours. The nearest railway station to Vizianagaram is Vizianagaram railway station. The nearest airport is Vizag Airport which is about 49 km and will take a little more than an hour.

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Click here to feel the clean breeze and eat fresh fruits right outta the bountiful branches of trees of this farm with your friends and family. You will have unlimited access to the farm, so enjoy.

Where: Zen-niwa – WabiSabi Farmstay, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh
Check-Out Time: Before 10 AM
Cost: ₹4,000/night

Cover Image Credits: Airbnb/Zen-niwa – WabiSabi Farmstay

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