5 Best Places In India To Try Zip-lining

by Shreya Rathod 199

Zip-lining is an adventure sport that gives you the necessary adrenaline rush. Slinging through the cable with a pulley intact, you feel like flying through the air. Though this is mainly used as a transport medium, zip-lining is a thrilling adventure sport that you must try. Here are five places where you can try this unique and exciting activity. 

5 Places To Go For Zip-lining

1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


Credits: Wikimedia

Situated on the banks of river Ganga, this holy town is known for its adventure activities. If you are looking for zip-lining, a small town called Shivpuri is your destination. The place is surrounded by mountains and you will get the much-needed rush while doing zip-lining.

2. Kolad, Maharashtra


Credits: Wikimedia

A popular getaway for Mumbaikars and Punekars, Kolad is one of the famous adventure destinations. Apart from being a prime tourist destination during monsoon, this place is known for zip-lining, which happens around the river Kundalika. Also, other sports activities take place here.

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3. Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan

neemrana fort

Credits: Wikimedia

This fort is the most visited place by Delhiites for its adventure sports. There are five zip lines of four hundred metres and the whole process takes almost two hours. You can watch the mesmerising view of the Aravallis while swinging through the forest. 

4. Dawki, Meghalaya


Credits: Wikimedia

Meghalaya is a mountainous region and an apt place for zip-lining. Dawki in Meghalaya is popular for adventure activities. You can enjoy zip-lining along the river Dawki. The operator that offers this sport is Pioneer Adventure. 

5. Kerwa Dam, Madhya Pradesh


Credits: Pexels (Rep Img)

Kerwa Dam has one of the longest twin zip lines in India. Starting from the high hills to Kerwa lake, you get to witness the beautiful flora and fauna of the place. Though it can be a little intimidating, zip-lining is a must-try thing to do here. 

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These are the best places in India where you can satisfy the craving for an adrenaline rush. Do visit them and share your experience with us in the comments section. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels