5 Breakfast Places At Expo 2020 Dubai That You Have To Visit ASAP

by Yogita Chainani
5 Breakfast Places At Expo 2020 Dubai That You Have To Visit ASAP

Expo 2020 Dubai started on a grand note, and now finally, after running successfully for months, Expo is in its closing phase. March has begun, and it means that this is the last month for EXPO. And just like you, we are sad about it too, and to make the most of it, how about exploring Expo for one last time? Sound’s fun, right? And while you do that, here are five breakfast places that you must visit to get the flavours of Expo.

5 Breakfast Places At Expo 202 For You 

1. Canvas By Coffee + Culture

If you are on a work trip and have to work while exploring Expo 2020 Dubai, Canvas By Coffee + Culture, located in Opportunity District, is your place to be. Being a coffee co-working space, it is an ideal joint to work and relish some delicious breakfast. You must try their Turkey Ham Benedict, Cajun Spiced Chicken Quesadillas, and Acai Bowl. Pair this with your favourite coffee or smoothie, and start your day on a great note.

2. The Viking Cafe

Craving some danish pastries? If yes, then The Viking Cafe in Denmark Pavilion should be your place to visit for a soulful breakfast. Relish dishes like cinnamon buns, classic Danish pastries, crembolle, and so much more with a special homemade topping. Perfect place to start your Expo 2020 tour, so add this one to your must-visit list.

3. Al Reef Lebanese Bakery

One of the most-visited and famous bakeries in Dubai has a spot in Expo 2020 Dubai, and you so have to visit. Relish charred manakish, topped with gooey cheese, savoury tomato, and spinach, and you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Al Reef Lebanese Bakery is located at Welcome Plaza in Opportunity District. So hurry, start your day at Expo 2020 with a delicious manakish.

4. Tawa

Located in Al Wasl Plaza, Tawa is a perfect place for those who avoid gluten. So if you are gluten allergic or prefer having gluten-free food, this food spot is for you. All their bakery items are 100 per cent gluten-free, and you can relish dishes like breakfast bagels with eggs, homemade granola with yoghurt, or pancakes.


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5. Grains & Greens

Located in Mobility District, Grains and Greens is a perfect place to grab a fresh salad, wraps, and some Kosher food. If you want to start your Expo 2020 tour on a light note, then relish some delicious salad for breakfast at Grains and Greens. Try their Shrimp Salad, Banana Chia Pudding, and Kale Glory smoothie.