5 Colourful Places In Dubai That You Must Visit ASAP

by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 3057

Dubai is known for everything grand, fancy and opulent. Be it the high rising buildings or stunning beaches- the emirate has it all. And while it’s known for everything sparkly and fine, Dubai also has some places that are colourful and vibrant. So if you love colours or want to up your gram game, check these places five places out right away.

1. Al Karama

The bustling streets of Al Karama are surely known for great restaurants and hidden food joints, but the area is also known for its street area. The area is filled with 12 sprawling graffitis and murals and it looks every bit stunning. 

Credits: londonjemblog.files.wordpress.com

2.Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle houses thousands of flowers, and you certainly cannot miss out on it. It is full of vibrant and colourful flower installations and also has huge sculptures covered with flowers, colourful umbrellas and more. The sight of the vibrant Miracle Garden is enough to up your gram game.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Credits: Dubai Miracle Garden Facebook

3. Dubai Steel Heart:

Dubai Steel Heart is located outside the Dubai Mall. While it’s not filled with a pop of colours, it is vibrant. More than anything, it’s an amazing place to shoot a great picture with the majestic Burj Khalifa in the Background. Besides this, there’s also a small area beside the steel heart, which is decked up with carpets and treasure chests, and it looks nothing but dreamy.

Pic Credit: The National

4. Al Bastakiya

This is by far the most unique places to hang out in Dubai. If you want to experience the heritage of Dubai, this is your place to be. It is designed like an open-air museum and has old-age architecture, wind towers, and several cultural displays and art galleries. It also has dainty courtyard and terrace cafes that you’ll find here. Al Bastakiya definitely manages to take you one step closer to the Dubai culture.

5. La Mer

You cannot go to Dubai and not visit La Mer. It is filled with a plethora of fancy cafes, bars and restaurants. It has a very contemporary and minimalistic design, and that’s the beauty of La Mer. With cool street art, fairy lights and food trucks, this one is a Pinterest-worthy picture. 

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