5 Common Flight Booking Myths You Need To STOP Believing Right Now!

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Common Flight Booking Myths You Need To STOP Believing Right Now!

Booking flight tickets is a major task. We need to consider and search for so many things before clicking on that confirm button. There are many tips and tricks to get tickets for a cheaper price and we follow them blindly. Unfortunately, not all of them are true. The internet is full of common flight booking myths. And it is high time we need to get ahead of believing in those tricks just to get a good deal while booking tickets. Here are some flight booking myths that are quite common but do not work IRL.

1. You Will Get Great Deals If You Book Tickets Early

Most of us book our tickets months back to get a good deal. Well, booking tickets some weeks before the travelling date is a good idea as we get to choose our preferred seats on our preferred airlines. But sadly it won’t cost cheap all the time. You can book your tickets a maximum of 3.5 months to a minimum of 3 weeks before the date.

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2. Pay Extra For Upgrading

Asking for an upgrade will not cost you a lot, or sometimes at all. It is one of the most believed flight booking myths and we are glad to say that it is not always true. Your loyalty towards the airline if you are a frequent flyer might lead you to get an upgrade for free. In fact, you can get an up-gradation if there are seats available in that specific class. All you need to do is ask them for an upgrade. Book your economy class ticket, be kind to the crew and you might get the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious ride on the flight for free.

3. Getting A Refund Is Not Possible On Ticket Cancellation

Who said that you won’t receive your money back if you are planning to cancel your flight ticket? This is one of the very common flight booking myths and surprisingly this is wrong. You can easily get a refund for cancellation if you follow the laws and guidelines properly. The law states that the passenger can claim a refund even for non-refundable tickets if they cancel them within 24 hours of booking. The flight tickets have a 24-hour refund policy and if you follow it then you can get your refund back easily.

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4. Round-Trip Tickets Cost Lesser Than One-Way Tickets

This statement is actually not entirely wrong. The laws and guidelines for booking tickets have changed over time. According to the previous rules, the cost of booking round trips was always cheaper than booking a one-way ticket. Presently, it is not at all a correct statement. In fact, the cost of one-way tickets is cheaper many times.

5. Booking Tickets To Some Destinations Always Cost Expensive

There are infinite destinations to travel to in the world and the ticket costs are of course different at every destination. Sometimes we believe that there are some destinations that are actually very expensive to visit and it is one of the most common flight booking myths. Some places are expensive overall but you can surely go on a budget trip if you have a well-planned itinerary. When it comes to booking flight tickets, you need to look out for tickets at different times on different days and book when you see the cheapest price.