Airlines Will Need 1960 New Single Aisle Flight In Next 20 Years To Meet Air Travel Demand

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Airlines Will Need 1960 New Single Aisle Flight In Next 20 Years To Meet Air Travel Demand

Covid 19 is rapidly receding, and the airline industry will gain traction and grow at a rapid pace. Asian carriers are likely to gain market share over the next few years, led by those in Asia-Pacific, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. A single-aisle aeroplane such as the Boeing 737 family will continue to gain market share in India. Over the next 20 years, Indian operators will need 1,960 new single-aisle aircraft.

Growing Air Travel In Future

Mumbai & Delhi Airport are handling an increasing number of domestic and international passengers, revenue passenger kilometres (RPKs), and movements of passengers and freight. As India experiences steady economic growth, burgeoning middle class, push towards mobility, up-gradation of existing airports, pent-up demand for air travel, and synchronized institutional support, including from the government at all levels, the Airlines industry is likely to do well in the medium-term. 

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Modified Business Plans By Leaders

Late infusion of funds, stoppage and slowdown of flights, and post-pandemic effects putting a strain on vendors and suppliers impact airlines. There are also issues with legal battles, motivating employees, and cargo business. Players have adapted their business plans to reduce costs, enhance liquidity, enhance customer preference, implement new revenue models, and optimize networks. The actions will result in the airlines strengthening their financial position over the medium term and boosting their bottom line.

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