5 Emirati Street Foods You Must Try In Dubai (Under AED 10)

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Emirati Street Foods You Must Try In Dubai (Under AED 10)

Emirati street food is largely left discovered amidst the plethora of cuisines that have taken over the food culture in Dubai. We have discovered some of the best Emirati street foods (apart from Hummus, Falafel and Tabbouleh) you must try. And the best part, they are all under AED 10!

1. Regag Bread

Regag is a classic Emirati bread, much similar to a crepe/dosa, thin and flaky served usually with cheese, hot sauce and toppings of your choice like Oman Chips, Nutella. etc This dish is quite popular among the local diaspora and this is a staple food in Emirati breakfast spreads at home.

Al Labeeb Grocery in Jumeirah has been perfecting the art of creating the best Regag bread since the 80’s – for just AED 5-6 per bread. The bread is prepared live and piping hot for you to devour. Karak and Rigag in Jumeirah also has over 10 variants of Regag bread you could try.

Credits – Karak&Rigag/Facebook


2. Chabab

Also known as Emirati Pancake, this dish is a melt in the mouth delicacy much similar to traditional pancakes. The dish is generally served with a dates syrup or a cheesy sauce. Hum Yum is a popular spot for Emirati cuisine and serves up some great Chabab bread in different flavours from AED 5. You can also check out their newly introduced Lotus Chabab.

Credit – sikka cafe/facebook

3. Luqaimat

This finger-lickin’ delicacy is a traditional dessert of deep fried dumplings served with a generous drizzle of dates syrup and sesame seeds. The consistency of the dumpling is quite similar to that of Gulab Jamun – but this dish manages to stand out for it’s simply irresistible. Zam Zam Mandi in Ras Al Khor serves a portion of Luqaimat for just AED 9 per plate.

4. Khameer

This sweet flatbread is renowned for its fluffy texture and richness in every bite. You just cannot stop at just one bread, it is quite tempting and worth devouring at every bite. LocalAwi is one of the best authentic Emirati restaurants in town and you can indulge in this amazing dish from just AED 9 per plate. Smat is also another outlet with some of the best khameer bread.

Credits – smat/facebook

5. Qatayef

This traditional delicacy, often seen accompanying the baklawa deserves the attention of its own for it’s one of the best sweet dishes you could ever try. It’s a stuffed dumpling filled with nuts, cream or cheese, deep fried and soaked in sweet syrup. Al Reef Lebanese Bakery is one of the pioneers in Lebanese and Arab delicacies and is also home of this dish for just AED 3 onwards.

Credits – rove / facebook

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