5 Hidden Picnic Spots For A Lazy Weekend Near Mumbai

by Sanmita A
5 Hidden Picnic Spots For A Lazy Weekend Near Mumbai

Picnics! Haven’t we forgotten them entirely? Fun with the family, games, activities and eating together or alone amid nature. Away from laptops, and mobile phones, only to relax and read a book. If you’re planning to take a break from the usual parties every weekend and need an escape from the cacophony of city life, there are several places near Mumbai which can offer you the peace you’re looking for. Maharashtra, despite having Mumbai, also nestles scenic, serene, and rich green locations, which can be a perfect getaway for the weekend.

Deciding The Place For Picnic

Choosing the right place for a nice picnic is a true puzzler. You don’t want to be driving too much, yet it must be a little away. It must be comfortable for you to reach, yet be offbeat and less crowded.

Therefore, we have picked five places (picnic spots) around Mumbai where you’ll love to laze around during the weekend:

Tamhini Ghats

You’ll love the road towards Tamini Ghats. Around 140 Kms away from the Mumbai city. You can reach there in a span of few hours and spend the day witnessing greenery and picturesque locations. You also also camp there, take long walks and watch birds. Tamhini Ghats can be a perfect for couples too.

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Perfectly crowd less, and lies near the Savitri River. It is around 200 kms away from the city. Velas is famous for its turtle festival and if you get lucky, you definitely spot a turtle along the beachside. Around 5+ hours of drive, it is a perfect picnic spot for you and spouse.


A perfect combination of scenic views and cultural icons, Jawhar is a small town nearby Mumbai and can be a great escape option for the weekend. What you can do here is visit the sunset point and even Jaivilas Palace. Around 120 km from Mumbai, it takes around 3 hours to reach the location.

Sandhan Valley

A couple of cool activities during an outdoor picnic is a great addition. The Sandhan Valley, located around 185 km away from the Mumbai city is a place where you can hike, camp and even try rock climbing. The place will give the thrill in a little time that might have been missing in your life.

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If you love the sea, this is will be your favourite picnic spot to be. Although it is located 200+ kms away from Mumbai, this spot will be worth the drive. You can spend your time by the beach, reading, swimming and even seeing the forts nearby.

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