5 Indian Women Making A Mark In The Culinary World

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Indian Women Making A Mark In The Culinary World

Women entrepreneurs are taking over the world by a storm. Whether it is running a business or even making a mark in the culinary world. Here are 5 local women who are marking their mark in the culinary world –

1. Dosa Aunty, Bengaluru

Vaishnavi & Deepak Jain Fast Food in JC Road is loved for its dosas. Known as the ‘Dosa Aunty, she is famous for preparing 9 varieties of dosa for the young college crowd from Jain College. Enjoy the taste of sada, masala,cheese, ravaghee roast and even noodle dosa. These pocket-friendly dosas from Dosa Aunty are perfect snacking options for students across the area. We tried the Masala Cheese (₹60), Plain Cheese (₹50) and the Noodle Dosa (₹60). 

2. Shri Sai Paratha, Ahmedabad

You might need a prior reservation to try out the yummiest parathas in Ahmedabad. Shri Sai Paratha in Thaltej are known for their epic parathas throughout the city! The family-run stall serves the most delicious parathas in town & you will return for more. Not only are they the most authentic, but they’re also very hygienic. And what’s surprising is that the place is that the place is run by only 3 people. The mother cooks while the father and son manage the customers. 

3. Aditi’s Corner, Navi Mumbai

The true spirit of womanhood comes with not giving up and being persistent. That’s what 23-year-old Aditi Verma has done. As a successful example, she has opened up a cafe in CBD Belapur that serves around 75-80 meals a day. But what’s so special about this? Aditi suffers from Down’s Syndrome and against all odds, she greets every customer with a smile. She went through open heart surgery at the age of 2, but she’s managed to strive despite the terrible health complications. 

4. Dolma Aunty, Delhi

Dolma Tsering moved to Delhi in 1990 after being married off and started her own stall in 1994. Initially, people were skeptical about the Tibetan dumplings, thinking it looked raw, but sooner than later Dolma won many people’s hearts through her culinary skills. Today, her stall in Lajpat Nagar draws people from far with just the aroma of these fresh momos. She runs a stall by the name of Dolma Aunty Momos in Lajpat Nagar.

5. Sheroes, Agra & Lucknow

In a city famous for its Taj Mahal, Sheroes is well-known for one amazing reason. It is a cafe run by survivors of acid attacks. It was started in Agra by Rupa in 2014 and only in a few short years, it has managed to become one of the popular spots in the city. Not just that, Sheroes is also running in Lucknow and Udaipur now. Cramped up between some small eateries, this cafe near Fatehabad Road has made its way into our hearts.

Being born out of a campaign to raise awareness against acid attacks, Rupa has been the brilliant mind behind this project. The women working in this cafe, just like Rupa, were brutally attacked by acid being thrown on their faces at a very early age in their lives. They are now in their 20s but they feel a sense of belonging with one another. Whether it was due to a rejected marriage proposal, or a stepmother’s hatred, these women have already faced the cruelties in life.