5 Marine Life Wonders You Can Spot At The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

by Deeplata Garde
5 Marine Life Wonders You Can Spot At The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

Middle East’s largest aquarium has 60 attractions that every age group can enjoy. The National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi is a pleasant spot for visitors also adrenaline junkies. The aquarium is a host to several activities which includes swimming among marine life. So if you are someone who feels mesmerized by marine life then here’s a list. Visit the National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi and check out the 5 Marine Life Wonders.

What To Expect At National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The National Aquarium in Al Qana is practically swarming with aquatic life. It is housing approximately 46,000 creatures representing over 300 distinct species. Visitors can feel amazed with the aquarium being spread across 10 nautically themed zones. It includes Natural Treasures, sunken marine wrecks, Atlantic caves flooded woods, hot volcanoes, and a frozen ocean. Do you want to see anything else in this area? In addition to hammerhead sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks, the exhibit also has eagle rays, black tip reef sharks, and the Super Snake.

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5 Marine Life Wonders

1. Bu Tinah

Bu Tinah is basically Abu Dhabi’s best-kept secret island. It’s underwater hence very few have had a glimpse of the real place. So to make it more convenient to watch, the National Aquarium has depicted it for visitors to observe. The island is full of coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass.

2. Atlantic Cave

The widespread Atlantic ocean has caves that reside many tiny creatures in it. From sea sponges to a variety of other creatures, you can find them here. But they all will be present in the clefts of the walls due to their character. You will also find lobsters in this cave.

3. Frozen Ocean

Ever thought of being to Artic to explore? Seems like you froze that idea! So now you can visit this Frozen Ocean section at National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi to get a similar feel. Additionally, you can view a wide variety of organisms, including aquatic life, arctic seabirds, fish, and more.

4. Red Sea Wreck

At this spot, you can learn more about underwater exploration with shipwrecks. Dive deeper to learn more about creatures and organisms like different fishes and coral reefs of the Red sea.

5. Flooded Forest

A vivid rainforest area of the aquarium with lovely canopies, exotic birds, and fresh air for you to breathe is the spot to visit. This area of the aquarium is perhaps one of the most fascinating due to the cool, pleasant atmosphere. The large variety of creatures and birds found here are unique to rainforest places around the world.

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