5 Off Beat Experiences You Can’t Miss Out In South Korea

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Off Beat Experiences You Can’t Miss Out In South Korea

If you want an astounding range of experiences from beaches to cities to hidden islands, music concerts, culture & a cosmetics haven – South Korea is the place to be. Now you can experience all that with the help of Korea Tourism! But today, we aren’t here to talk about the obvious, we’re here to tell you about the funkiest experiences that will make you tell your friends “You have GOT TO VISIT South Korea”

If you’re planning a trip to the Land Of The Morning Calm, we’ve got you covered and you may want to consider these 5 amazing experiences as part of your itinerary

1. Sleep On The Floor In A Traditional Korean House

What do you do when you go to a foreign country? Choose a fancy hotel or a budget or at least a place that has a bed? Well, we’re telling you to ditch the bed! You haven’t experienced South Korea if you haven’t lived in a traditional South Korean home known as a Hanok.

A Hanok is probably the best way to experience South Korea’s history and deep rooted culture. Each Hanok typically comes with mud walls, wooden pillars and a daecheongmaru (wooden floor/porch). Go to Andong and Jeonju in South Korea are where you’ll probably find the most authentic Hanoks. Spend a night in a Hanok and regale your stories to the world. PS: These homes make for fabulous Insta stories!

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2. Meditate In The Middle Of A Forest

Got a good night’s sleep in a hanok? Wake up to some meditation in a dense, green forest. Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda  probably attained his inner peace at the Saryeoni Forest Path in south eastern Jeju. (I can probably write a tale just on the beauty of Jeju Island but let’s keep that for another time) The path in Saryeoni Forest is lined with Hallasan bamboo tress and is among Jeju’s top 31 hidden attractions. Meditate in the middle of Japanese cedar, snowbell trees and birch. The 550 meter-long trail is perfect for tourists like me who enjoy hiking and the outdoors.

3. Go Urban Glamping

If meditation in a forest, is not your scene – don’t worry because why camp when you can glamp South Korean style? Enjoy camping in luxury at one of South Korea’s many glamping sites. Celebrate in the middle of nature without giving up on modern luxuries. Relax in the middle of nature, away from the bustling city. Indulge in barbeques, unhindered views & make new friends. I’d say urban glamping is the best way to meet new people and learn about their experiences.

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4. Count Every Gangnam Doll At Hallyu K Star Road

You’re OBVIOUSLY a fan of K Pop if you’re planning a trip to South Korea. Every fan of the Korean Hallyu wave can relate when they say “I want to go to Korea”. It’s cool if you’re not a fan either. The Hallyu K Star Road is to South Korea what Hollywood Boulevard is to the US. K Pop’s most famous neighbourhood, the entire street is lined with bears (Gangnam Dolls) with all the names & logos of the most famous K Pop groups. Stop by for a meal at one of the restaurants along the road. If you’re lucky, you may even spot your favourite K Pop star!

5. Go Shopping At 4am

Let’s be honest here. A trip to a foreign land is incomplete without shopping. I mean we are Indians after all and there are bound to be a bunch of relatives & friends eagerly awaiting their goodies back at home! You can shop till you drop – quite literally because Korea Tourism lets you explore South Korea’s night markets. Dongdaemun Market is open 24 hours and full of fashion items. There’s shoes, bags, clothes, accessories and everything you can possibly imagine at wholesale rates. We have to warn you though – the later you go – the crazier it gets! And don’t worry if you get hungry or tired – there’s plenty of Korean snacks that are sold in the market and loads of live performances.

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Korea Tourism Organization*