5 Overrated Places In Delhi That Aren’t Worth Your Time

by Angel Srivastava
5 Overrated Places In Delhi That Aren’t Worth Your Time

Every year Delhi witnesses a lot of tourists that swarm the city from all over the world to marvel at the national capital’s rich culture and heritage.

While the city has a lot to offer from its vast historical and cultural landscape, there are a lot of places in Delhi that have lost their charm and reduced to just names. Visiting these places is nothing short of a waste of time, money, and resources.

To help you save time, during your next visit to Delhi, we have curated a list of 5 overrated places in Delhi that are just not worth your while.

1. Janpath Market

Image Credits: D’Source

Janpath Market, near Connaught Place is said to be the best flea market to get your hands on the latest designs in clothes, junk jewellery, footwear, and bags. While the Tibetan Market in Janpath is surely worth a visit for its silver jewellery and souvenirs, the flea market is Janpath is a total rip off! It is not just over rated, it is over priced as well.  You can easily score the same clothes and jewellery, and even better bags at Sarojini Nagar Market, at a lesser price.

2. Khan Chacha

Image Credits: VenueLook

Khan Chacha is one of the oldest and most famous eateries in Delhi. They are known for their melt in the mouth kebabs, spicy biryani, and other delicious Mughlai dishes. With their main branch in Khan Market, they have now opened their branches all over Delhi. But, it’s sad to say that with each passing day the quality of their food is deteriorating. Their kebabs have become dry and their food doesn’t taste fresh anymore.

3. Indian Coffee House

Image Credits: Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House in Connaught Place is one of the oldest places in Delhi where people of all age groups hang out. While it is easy on the pockets, Indian Coffee House is no longer the brightly lit cafe it used to be. The interiors aren’t maintained and the furniture has turned frail and weak. If you do plan on visiting there don’t forget to check the chairs before you sit.

4. India Gate During The Evenings

Image Credits: PoastToast

India Gate, that is India’s war memorial, has a beauty of its own and no doubt looks majestic. Most of us who have grown up in Delhi have seen many evening where we used to visit India gate in the evening and have ice cream. Well, we are sorry to tell you, that as we grew up a lot has changed. Visiting India Gate in the evening, especially during the summers sounds like a nightmare in itself. The place is crowded with various vendors taking up the remaining space, making it the most uncomfortable experience ever!

5. Big Yellow Door 

Image Credits: Big Yellow Door

This place is most frequented and most recommended by the students of  South Campus. It has a huge line of college students always waiting for their turn to get a table and indulge in the below average food that they serve. Their food lacks flavour and distinctiveness, while their service is tiring.

We are sure you might be disappointed to read some of these names, we know we were. Let us know which places in Delhi do YOU think are extremely overrated.