5 Best Shawarmas In Dubai For 2019

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Best Shawarmas In Dubai For 2019

Dubai has a vibrant street food scene- be it the authentic shawarmas, ice golas, or the age-old chips oman sandwich. But, we feel there’s nothing more comforting than a pita bread stuffed with moist chicken or meat, drizzled with a creamy-garlicy sauce. Having said that, nothing describes Dubai better than late night shawarmas and a fruit cocktail. Ask anyone who’s lived here and they’re bound to reminisce that tiny eatery that sold lip-smacking shawarmas. We went around the city tasting shawarmas, and spotted five places we’re sure to go back to.

Here are the best shawarmas in Dubai to satiate your mid-night hunger pangs!

1. Al Mallah

This one undoubtedly sells one of the best shawarmas in Dubai. After all, its not for no reason that the shop has five outlets in the city! Al Mallah has been one of the most loved shawarma spots in Dubai. Although the place looks slightly dingy, it’s pure haven once you savour the authentic shawarmas they offer. To top it all, the shawarmas will cost you just AED 8, and once you make friends with the staff, you can also enjoy extra helpings. And lastly, they are open until 2:00 am, so you now know where to head for late night hunger pangs!

Where: 5 outlets in Dubai
Timings: 6am – 2:30am
Contact: 04 3984962

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2. Al Ijaza Cafeteria

The next time you are in Jumeirah, here’s where you must head to bite into one of the best shawarmas in Dubai. The petite cafeteria is crowded all the time, but worry not, you can place your order from your car. Their chicken shawarma will cost you AED 6 and it is to die for. Finish it up with a chilled glass of fresh juice and you would have enjoyed a hearty meal under AED 50. 

Where: Jumeirah 1
Timings: 7:30pm – 3:30am
Contact: 04 3444874

Credits: Al Ijaza Cafeteria Facebook

3. Al Safadi

Popular for Lebanese delicacies, Al Safadi is where you must go if you want to sit back and enjoy a relaxed meal, without worrying much about the bill. The restaurant has steered away from the cliche shawarma and has experimented a whole new range. You can order you shawarma in biryani style, or event try the spicy Intakli- bread stuffed with grilled chicken or meat shawarma. Interesting isn’t it?

Credits: Al Safadi Facebook

Where: Al Safa, Trade Centre
Timings: 8am – 1:30am
Contact: 600500601

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4. Hallab

If you’re not a street food lover, Hallab in Dubai mall, is for you! The much-loved restaurant has an amicable ambiance and is a go-to for Lebanese food. And, their shawarma is lip-smackingly delicious too! Hummus fans can binge on the hummus shawarma while those up for something adventurous can order the mixed shawarma- a combination of meat and chicken, served with vegetables, garlic and tahina sauce.

And once you down this, head straight to the sweets section. From authentic baklawah to Kounafa cheese and Ward Al Sham, this place is sure to spoil you for choice.

Credits: Hallab Instagram

Where: Dubai Mall
Timings: 11 am- 1:00 am
Contact: 04 3308828

5. Belad Al Sham

You’re sure to think twice to step into this restaurant, when you see it from the outside. However, gather the guts to step in and you will be welcomed by the aromatic whiff of roasted chicken. One of the best shawarmas in Dubai, the eatery is most famous for its chicken shawarma, their Mexican shawarma plate is a must-have, if you like a spicy twist! Frequent goers rave about the tahini sauce and the creamy garlic sauce that’s generously poured over the chicken shawarma.

Credits: Belad Al Sham Instagram

Where: Al Barsha, Al Qusais
Timings: 9 am- 1 am
Contact: 04 2613332