5 Pocket-Friendly Breakfast Options Across Mumbai

by Vinita Jain
5 Pocket-Friendly Breakfast Options Across Mumbai

Hello Hungry Folks!!! Some flavorsome and pocket-friendly breakfast can be the best option to start your frenetic day. Like the ancestors say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, never skip it. Here are some iconic economical spots you can visit and have some appetizing breakfast.

1. Pancham Puriwala

Pancham Puriwala is a century-old legendary spot located outside CST which is popular for its Puri-Bhaji. The plate of chole puri costs just Rs.70 and contains 5 puris, and 2 bhajis seasoned with aromatic flavors. This place is generally busy with office-goers, college students, and tourists who pop in for a sumptuous meal during their lunch breaks or after long office hours.

Famous for its Puri Bhaji
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2. Café Madras

Amidst the bustling streets of Mumbai, who doesn’t want to have some hot, fresh, and quick breakfast. Here’s Café Madras on Matunga Road which serves a wide range of authentic South Indian dishes from fluffy idli podis, Rawa dosas, to filter coffee and a lot more at very reasonable prices. This place is a deal for people who are a fan of South Indian cuisines.

Famous for
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3. Kyani & Co.

Mumbai is a hub for Irani Café and from that Kyani comes at the top. This was set up by the migrants from Iran during the 19th and 20th century but are still strong and serving the Mumbaikars with the same old Iranian flavors and vibes. Kyani & Co. is another Legendary Parsi outlet located in South Bombay. This place is not too expensive, one can easily look out for interesting breakfast options including some flaky toasts and their special Irani chai.


4. Anand Stall

We are talking about Mumbai’s food then how can we not talk about the staple snack Vada Pav which fits under every meal. Every Mumbaikar is aware of the Anand Dosas in Ville Parle, and the same stall also serves the yummiest Vada Pavs at 20 in a variety of flavors. These Vada Pavs have a crispy outer layer and as soon as it goes in your mouth it dissolves. Having these with the Spicy Garlic chutney is pure bliss. Along with this one can also relish Anand’s famous dosas too.

Cheapest breakfast option
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5. Anna’s Vada

Medhu Vada is another lip-smacking breakfast option, just 2 Vada’s dipped in their special chutneys cost around 20 bucks and are worth it. There are different Anna’s standing in the corners of Mumbai selling the special Vada just in the morning, (in Chira Bazaar, Charni Road, Bandra West and etc.)

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