5 Regional Cheeses In UAE Every Cheese Lover Must Try

by Ishita Agarwal
5 Regional Cheeses In UAE Every Cheese Lover Must Try

American chef and culinary enthusiast Anthony Bourdain believes that investing yourself, your money, and your time in cheese requires romanticism. And we all love indulging in cheese in our everyday lives. So, here is the list of some fantastic regional cheeses in the UAE that you must try. 

1. Baladi

Baladi is a mild-flavoured white cheese that is soft, smooth and creamy. Made with a blend of raw- goat, cow, and sheep milk makes it is one of the favourite regional cheeses in the UAE.  As shepherds make it on the top of mountains, it is sometimes referred to as “the cheese of the mountains.” Baladi is often used for breakfast or as a snack and is spread over fresh Arabic bread or crackers. 

Price: Dh13-Dh15 for half a kilo.

regional cheeses in UAE

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2. Saudi Feta

A recent invention, the Saudi equivalent of the Greek Feta, is a brined curd white cheese with a creamier, softer feel. Unlike the classic Greek Feta, it doesn’t crumble. It is used as a spread in salads and it’s produced from cow’s milk. Sometimes from milk powder. It has gained popularity, especially in the GCC. 

Price: Dh8-Dh10 for half a kilo 

Saudi Feta

3. Areesh or Arish

This is a cottage cheese-like product prepared from cow, goat, or sheep milk with a flavour profile similar to ricotta. It is often used to prepare the fermented cheese dish known as shanklish, also known as “the blue cheese of Arabia,” which is topped with zaatar (thyme) and Aleppo pepper. Then it is aged and dried after being formed into balls. Additionally, you may use it to produce Arabic pastries and desserts. 

Price: Dh18-Dh20 for half a kilo.

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4. Nabulsi

This semi-hard, brined white cheese, made from goat’s milk, may be ordered with or without habat Al baraka (black sesame seed). Nabulsi is a standard table cheese which makes it one of the best regional cheeses in the UAE.  Moreover, nabulsi is a significant component in Arabic desserts like kunafa. 

Price: Dh20-Dh30 for half a kilo. 

Nabulsi cheese

5. Shellal

Shellal is a white cheese that is twisted and braided. Quite salty in flavour, shellal is made from cow’s milk. It includes mahlab, a Middle Eastern spice. Some people soak it for a few hours before eating it to lessen the saltiness. While others consume it as is. Pairing shellal with bread and fruits will leave you feeling refreshed. 

Price: Dh20-Dh25 for half a kilo. 

regional cheeses in UAE

So, here we end our list of the best regional cheeses in the UAE that you should try. Do let us know if you’ve tasted any of them. 

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Image Courtesy: Unsplash