5 Tribal Cuisines In India To Satiate The Food Enthusiast In You

by Sanmita A
5 Tribal Cuisines In India To Satiate The Food Enthusiast In You

India is known for its diversity in culture, heritage, and food. If you’re a food enthusiast, you can never be dissatisfied if you’re travelling or living in any part of India. Something flavourful is sure to impress the foodie in you. However, if you have a chance to try something unique, then the tribal cuisine of India will be an unconventional, yet traditional food choice.

Here are the five cuisines we’ve picked that you must try whenever you have the opportunity to!

1. Tribal Cuisine of Odisha

Odisha is known for its authentic and rustic cuisine. The tribals from the western part of Odisha are fond of their breakfast which has porridge, known as Mandia Jau. The other regional delicacies which are a hit that you must try when in Odisha are the Black Carpenter Ant Chutney, pancakes, or pithas made of black gram and dates, and even pakodas made of rice flour and dates. You must also try the tapioca and jackfruit chips that the women from Parijal tribal areas produce. Fish curry, Jara dal Mandi alu is a must-try!

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2. Tribal Cuisine of Assam

Fish curries are cooked in different ways in Assam’s many communities. A few like their fish curry sour while some like it with different varieties of saag like Bhedailota, Manimuni, and Norosinxho. Matikaduri in fish curry is a favourite for them. Duck eggs with tora flower, Duck meat, Chickpeas with banana stem, pitika (mashed potatoes), and even khaar are a few more delicacies from Assam.

3. Tribal Cuisine of Kerala

We love the Kerala biryani and parotta, but there are a few tribal dishes as well that you can enjoy while visiting the state. Some of them are Chemmeen Kari or Prawn Curry, Pantithal is a flavourful vegetarian dish made of Pantithal leaves, Thal (Yam Stem) Curry and Kurumulaku Kanji or Pepper Porridge.

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4. Tribal Cuisine of Chhattisgarh

A lot of Chhattisgarh’s traditional food is more steamed than fried. There is Muthia, made of rice flour, Farra, Bafauri (steamed pakodas), and Mahua juice. These are a few of the delicacies that you must try!

5. Tribal Cuisine of Manipur & Meghalaya

The people from these states love their fish, and meat in specific ways and you must try them once. The Chamthong or Kangshoi – A healthy vegetable stew of Manipur, Eromba – A flavourful, spicy combination of boiled vegetables and dried fish, Singju – a relished Manipuri Salad, Chak-hao Kheer are from Manipur are delicious options. Jadoh (a type of pulao), Doh Khlieh – delicious salad with minced pork, onions, and chilies, Tungrymbai, Sakin Gata from Meghalaya also top the charts when it comes to authentic tribal delicacies.

Have we missed any famous dishes that you loved while visiting the above states? Let us know!

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