5 Ways To Combat Craving For Junk Food

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Ways To Combat Craving For Junk Food

It’s said that everything is good if consumed in moderation but that’s not how it goes when we love eating junk food. Whether its chips, nachos, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas or cold beverages, excess junk food is always bad for us. So here are 5 ways to combat your junk food cravings –

1. Consume Coffee

Although, it will keep you up at night, but coffee is known to decrease your appetite. Consumed with milk, coffee also gives one a sense of fullness and makes one feel less hungry. 

2. Choose Eggs Or Cottage Cheese

Eggs and cottage cheese have a lot of protein in them and give you a sense of fullness. Both of them have very less calories and a good level of calcium.

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3. Consume Dark Chocolates

As we all know, dark chocolates help you in losing weight. They’re high in immunity boosters and very low in calories. So if you’re craving some chocolates next time, just pop a piece of dark chocolate!


4. Eat Small Quantities Throughout The Day

Train your appetite to reduce, but don’t compromise on nutrition. By consuming small quantities throughout the day, you are training your stomach to not indulge in overeating. Junk food is made up of a lot of oils which ends up feeling heavy after a while. While consuming little quantities, your body will immediately want to reject anything that makes it feel heavier.

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5. Keep Your Mind Healthy

Stress/tension also leads to higher incidence of cravings. Keep your mind healthy along with your body. Do whatever it takes to keep your mind at ease. Whether exercising, meditation, or a simple walk by the beach helps you release your daily stress, practice it.

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