5 Wonderful Winter Treks From South India That You Must Explore This December

South india has some of the most breathtaking winter trekking spots!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Wonderful Winter Treks From South India That You Must Explore This December

No matter if you are an adventure junkie or not, you must go trekking at least once in your lifetime. It teaches you a lot, trust us, and there is no better season to go trekking than winter, especially for beginners. South India has some of the most breathtaking trekking spots, which you must go to once. Here are some of the most wonderful winter treks to go on. 

1. Kudremukh Trek, Karnataka

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The third-highest mountain in Karnataka, Kudremukh Peak, is situated in the Kudremukh National Park, 333 kilometres from Bangalore. There is a very wide range of geography along the walk. Due to its inherent beauty and tranquillity, Kudremukh—which translates to “horse head”—is frequently referred to as the “Himalayas of the South.” Along with climbing 1,892 metres in elevation, you will pass through up to ten streams, coffee farms, rain forests, and waterfalls. Since the trek is only mediumly challenging, anyone can attempt it.

2. Kotagiri Trek, Tamil Nadu

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Venture on the less-travelled route and embark on the 5,890-foot-high Kotagiri hike in Ooty. You can reach Kotagiri, which is just 330 km from Bangalore, and follow a track that winds past tea estates and valleys that are crisscrossed by rivers. This three-day hike will come to an end with a visit to Catherine Falls, the second-highest waterfall in the Nilgiris. Hikers who complete this route also regularly visit Elk Falls, Doddabetta Peak, and the Rangaswami Pillar.

3. Chembara Trek, Kerala

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Nestled at 6,900 feet, the Chembara Peak Trek is a really pleasant surprise for every hiker. The Meppadi Forest Office must give prior authorization for the Chembra Mountain Trek, Wayand’s highest mountain. Aside from the pure green of the Western Ghat hills, the heart-shaped lake known as “hridaya thadakam,” which is rumoured to have never dried out, is the real highlight of the hike. After reaching the summit, take in the expansive vistas that encompass the districts of Wayanad, Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Nilgiri.

4. Perumal Trek, Kodaikanal

Even after so many years of vigorous promotion, the Nilgiri Hills’ charm remains mostly undiscovered. Consider the Perumal Trek as an instance. Why wouldn’t you take a trip if a quick 4-hour hike (one way) gets you to beautiful vantage spots where you may gaze out over the Nilgiri Hills? Particularly considering that it is only 11 km from Kodaikanal, is manageable for even the most inexperienced hikers, and provides opportunities for overnight camping! You don’t need permission in advance, and January through May is the ideal time to visit. We’re headed your way, Kodai!

5. Horsley Hills Trek, Andhra Pradesh

Perched 1,265 metres above sea level, Horsley Hills, also known as Horsleykonda, is endowed with tradition and folklore in addition to the allure of nature. The former is for you to see as you ascend the hills, but according to mythology, the temple at the summit was constructed in honour of Mallamma, an elderly saint who was fed by elephants. Just as captivating as the vista from the hills is the legend. Even though the hike takes a full day, lodging and a bonfire can be set up at the conclusion of the journey so you can unwind and take in the starry sky. 

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Have you been to any of these treks?

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