5 Worst Hotel Breakfast Foods That Can Wreck Your Day

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Worst Hotel Breakfast Foods That Can Wreck Your Day

When you are staying at a hotel, many times they have their pre-decided menu for breakfast. Breakfast should be the most fulfilling meal of your day as it is what you kick start your day with. As the name suggests ‘breakfast’ means breaking overnight fast and hence you must have a healthy breakfast. But are you being served the right breakfast? Well here are the 5 worst hotel breakfast foods that you must avoid. 

1. Packaged Juice 

Many think of packaged fruit juice as a healthy option because of the word fruit in it. But all the canned and packaged fruit juices have added preservatives and additional sweeteners in them making them super unhealthy. Opt for fresh fruit juice or fresh fruits instead of the packages in the hotels. 

2. Refined Flour Items

Breakfast items like waffles or pancakes are made out of refined flour and people love them. But these foods can make you feel lethargic after some time and you won’t feel like working. Also, they are the reason for weight gain as well. 

3. Coffee Beverages

Though coffee is said to be a drink that gives you energy, it lacks fibre and protein which is why the energy cannot last for the whole day. If you want to have tea or coffee in the morning you can drink it black and give your day an excellent start. 

4. Pastries

Starting your day with sweet food items like doughnuts and pastries is the worst idea ever. This is because having food high in sugar in the morning makes you want it more throughout the day. Eating such items is also the reason behind constant mood swings. 

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5. White Bread

White bread has refined carbohydrates and very less nutritional value making it not the right choice for breakfast. It also adds to your weight unnecessarily. Instead one must opt for multigrain or brown bread. 

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