50-YO Natasha Diddee, AKA The Gutless Foodie, Passes Away

Natasha Diddee, famously known as The Gutless Foodie, passed away on March 24.

by Shreya Ghosh
50-YO Natasha Diddee, AKA The Gutless Foodie, Passes Away

If you scroll through a lot of food-related content or follow food bloggers’ videos, you might have heard about the famous food blogger Natasha Diddee. Despite being diagnosed with a cancerous tumour, she never left hope and became an inspiration for many people. Unfortunately, she passed away a couple of days back in Pune.

Natasha Diddee Passed Away On March 24

Taking to Instagram, her husband penned a message and confirmed the news of the food blogger’s demise.

Popularly known as The Gutless Foodie, the food blogger took her last breath in the wee hours of March 24. Her husband shared a picture of his wife and wrote, “It is with great pain and sorrow that I am forced to announce the sad and heartbreaking passing of my wife Natasha Diddee, aka The Gutless Foodie”. She was only 50 years old when she lost her life. Though her husband shared the heartbreaking news of her passing, the reason for her death has not been stated yet.

Most of us are well known about her past health struggles and how she dealt with the tumour. The reason behind the name ‘The Gutless Foodie’ is that she lost her stomach in 2018 after getting diagnosed with a cancerous tumour. It was both a mentally and physically difficult time for Natasha Diddee. But she overcame everything with determination and did not see it as a major loss.

Instead, she took this chance to educate others and shared about home-cooked healthy meals. Her Instagram page is all about healthy dishes cooked properly at home. Even after all her restrictions, she made sure to share the best recipes with everyone. She had a huge fanbase.

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Her Fans Are Disheartened!

Natasha Diddee
Picture credit- Facebook/ Natasha Diddee

The news of Natasha’s passing came as a major shock to many. Netizens appreciated how she loved to interact with her followers directly and reply to all their questions. They are sharing their condolences in the comment section of the Instagram post. In this post, the food blogger’s husband also mentioned that the account will be kept open and alive as many people often check out her handle for recipes, and also how her posts and stories inspire others.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Natasha’s family and loved ones.

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Natasha Diddee, Instagram/ Natasha Diddee (@thegutlessfoodieeatsout)

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