Villagers Left Spellbound As 56 Tonne Bridge In Russia Disappears Overnight

by Angel Srivastava
Villagers Left Spellbound As 56 Tonne Bridge In Russia Disappears Overnight

Do you believe in magic? Well, if the answer is no then this bizarre incident from Russia might change your mind. In Russia’s Murmansk region, one of the strangest incidents has occurred which has put the locals as well as conspiracy theorists all across the globe in a frenzy. One of the most well-known bridges in the area, located on the Umba River in the Arctic region has disappeared without a trace and locals are still looking for an answer.

What Is It?

The bridge was roughly 75 feet in length and weighed over 50 tonnes. A few days ago, pictures shared a Russian social media platform showed that a part of the bridge had broken down and the debris was lying in the water below.

Image Credits: India Times

But a few days later the citizens woke up to find that there is absolutely no sign of the broken bridge. In fact, the debris seems to have disappeared as well.

What’s More?

This triggered a detailed investigation which revealed that the bridge had not sunk to the bottom of the river either. And of course, there couldn’t have been a natural calamity which took down the bridge.

Image Credits: India Times

The locals believed that the bridge was torn down and stolen by metal thieves. The reason behind their assumption is that this wouldn’t be the first time that the metal thieves would be doing something like this. Earlier in 2018 they had tried to steal transmission towers in a nearby town.

In fact in 2008, the Russian police had hunted scrap metal thieves who stole an even larger 200-tonne metal bridge in a night-time raid. Looks like it isn’t the first time Russia will be dealing with missing bridges.


While Russian authorities await further reports, you let us know what do you think happened to the missing 56 Tonne Bridge in Russia?