Best Cafes In Dubai That Serve A Royal Cuppa

    Coffee is not just the path to your soul, it’s also the canvas for a craft that has been mastered by several baristas around the globe. From Latte Art to studded cappuccinos – here are some of the best cafes in Dubai that are not just one of a kind – but also makes an Instagram-worthy coffee.

    1. Lavender Cappuccino

    Who would have ever imagined coffee infused with Lavender! Sounds bizarre? Culinary Boutique, one of the best cafes in Dubai serves this surreal cuppa. The strong fragrance is soothing and the undertones give a floral effect to your regular coffee – complimenting it perfectly and elevating it to the next level.

    Where: Culinary Boutique
    Location – Jumeirah, Villa #56 – D94 – Dubai
    Price – AED 25
    Contact – 04 3450023

    best cafes in dubai

    Credits: Culinary Boutique / Facebook

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    2. Coffee De Arabia

    If its in Dubai, it ought to have gold- isn’t it? Rolling Cones, one of the best cafes in Dubai dishes out De Arabia, a coffee made of all things regal! The premium coffee has sprinkled edible gold flakes, offering you the ultimate experience of luxury. We’re sure there’s nothing in the world that a cup of coffee can’t solve- particularly when it’s sprinkled with gold.

    Where: Rolling Cones
    Location: Creek Heights, Health Care City, Umm Hurair, Dubai
    Price – AED 55
    Contact – 04 5531234

    best cafes in dubai

    Credits: Rolling Cones / Facebook

    3. Coffee With A Taste For Fashion

    Fashionistas, this one’s for you! Tania’s Tea House in Jumeirah ties together coffee and fashion with its uber classy range of designer coffees. How about a Gucci Latte or a Louis Vuitton coffee? And what’s better is that these cuppas don’t just satiate the caffeine craving but also make for great gram pictures.

    Where: Tania’s Tea House
    Location – Villa 779A, Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai, UAE
    Price – Cat-purr-cino (AED 21), Better Latte Than Ever (AED 21), Let’s Talk Spanish Latte (AED 25)
    Contact – 04 3240021

    best cafes in dubai

    Photo Credits – Tania’s Tea House / Facebook

    4. Catchaccino

    Got a nice picture? How about getting it done on your cup of coffee? Catch22 brings to you a one of a kind “Catchaccino” for only AED 20. Share your favourite picture, or perhaps your celebrity crush (wink) and the Barista will print it on your cup of coffee.

    Where: Catch22
    Location – The Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai
    Price – AED 20
    Contact – 04 4243057

    best cafes in dubai

    Photo Credits – Catch 22 DXB / Facebook

    5. Japanese Siphon Coffee

    We bet this is the cutest coffee you’d ever find! Yakitate – the Japanese confectioner infamous for their bouncy, soft cheesecakes have some of the greatest beverages. The highlight however is the Japanese Siphon Coffee, served in the traditional way with 100% rwanda beans. While you’re there, you could also have a sip of their Matcha Cappuccino (go green!)

    Where: Yakitate
    Location – Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai
    Price – AED 20 / one person, AED 25 / two persons
    Contact – +971 4 2555161

    Photo Credits – Yakitate Dubai / Facebook

    6. Charcoal Latte

    I own too much black, said no one ever! The mix of all colors is now a popular beverage. This cafe in Al Safa serves Black color cappuccino – and is the ultimate delight to those who have embraced this color for life. They also have an extensive Rainbow Selection menu which has out-of -the-box options to match your Latte moods such as Violet Acai Latte, Emerald Matcha Latte and more.

    Where: Secret Garden
    Location – Citywalk 2, Al Safa, Dubai
    Price – AED 39
    Contact – +971 4 3452209

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