7 Delivery-Only Food Outlets In Delhi To Give You Restaurant Feels At Home

by Sanjana Shenoy
7 Delivery-Only Food Outlets In Delhi To Give You Restaurant Feels At Home

There are few things that instantly lifts our mood amid the coronavirus pandemic. And one of those things is undoubtedly food. While dining out isn’t the best idea now, food delivery has become the ultimate saviour to our woes. The aroma of a freshly baked pizza, late-night ice cream order and piping hot rajma chawal from our favourite eateries, is all we need to help us find a silver lining in the dark clouds of the virus. So Delhiites, here are 6 delivery-only food outlets to give you restaurant feels at home.

1. Qwinnys

If you’re after someplace that brings home quality Pan-Asian fare, put this delivery kitchen on your radar. Are you craving dim sums, sushi, or anything ramen? You can order all of it from Qwinnys, a Delhi-based delivery-only kitchen that brings you delightful and mouthwatering Pan Asian food to your doorstep. What truly makes Qwinnys awesome is its fresh and rich-in-taste food. Curly Tales has collaborated with Qwinnys to offer you a CT-Exclusive 4-course Pan Asian menu priced at just ₹949. Place your order here. 

2. Hearth & I

Pamper yourself with a luxurious 7-course meal prepared with consciously grown, organic ingredients from Hearth & I. This delivery-only kitchen serves a broad menu of global cuisines including Italian, Mexican and Middle Eastern food. You can actually travel the world through their exquisite food delivered to you in compact packaging. Hearth & I specialises in customised DIY Kits that comprises of Mexican Tostada Kits, Fresh Pasta variation kits and Mexican Quesadilla kits. The dishes are prepared with freshly made dough, prepared on the same day.


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3. Madam Curry

Taking inspiration from the iconic physicist, Marie Curie, Madam Curry is all about trying new recipes and routes to engage in a wholesome dining experience. The luxury Indian delivery outlet serves scrumptious bites and delicacies that will take you on a gastronomical journey. Gorge on delicious Tahini Chicken Tikka, rich Rajasthani Lal Maas and Soya Malai Chaap from here. Madam Curry follows Ms Curie’s philosophy of “Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it”.

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4. Pracheen – India Before 1947

Pracheen-India Before 1947 takes you on a sojourn to the culinary delights of pre-independent India. This cloud kitchen brings the flavours of India before independence and condenses them on a plate. From a succulent Chapli Kabab, spicy Prawn Moilee, wholesome Kosha Mangsho to the Goan favourite, Chicken Cafreal, Pracheen serves authentic flavours and regional dishes that will leave you asking for more.  Savour a luxury fine dining experience from your comfy living room.

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Picture Credits: Pracheen – India Before 1947

5. Hello Panda

If you’re a fan of comforting noodle soup bowls, hearty dim sums and wholesome curries, then Hello Panda is the perfect cloud kitchen for you. Serving a lovely menu of Asian delicacies like Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry, Stir-Fried Udon Noodles, Larb Gai salad and Mapo Tofu Claypot curry, Hello Panda nourishes the soul. Open Bao, Maki Rolls and Nilgiri Sushi act like the perfect bites for a drab weekday evening. For desserts, order the Fried Cinnamon Apple Pies and the Classic Sweet Custard Bao.

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6. Fresh Menu

With an everyday changing menu, Fresh Menu has all kinds of food for all types of moods. An aromatic biryani, buttery chicken curry, cheesy pasta, smoky wood-fired pizza and a variety of delicious cakes will ensure you experience a taste of paradise at home. Download the app and browse through a variety of regional and global dishes that will satisfy all your cravings. The freshly prepared food with top-notch ingredients will leave you feeling super satisfied and keep your tummies happy.

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Picture Credits: Fresh Menu

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7. Pizza On My Plate

Pizza lovers, while you might dabble with cheesy pizza creations, why not give yourself a break and order a drool-worthy pizza? This cloud kitchen offers you an array of cheesy, meaty pizzas that are perfect for those late-night binge-watching sessions. Apart from pizzas, POMP serves pizzas, burgers, pasta and fish and chips. We’d suggest you try the Panda Pizza, topped with caramelised onions, spinach and white sauce, and the pesto chicken pizza, The Hills. End your meal on a sweet note with the delectable Tiramisu and velvety Banoffee Pie.

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Foodies, these are some of the best delivery-only kitchens in Delhi to satisfy your cravings for delicious restaurant food at the comfort of your home. Order cheesy, gheelicious and soul-nourishing food that will keep you peppy and hopeful amid the pandemic.