6 Signs You Are A Hardcore Chai Addict

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
6 Signs You Are A Hardcore Chai Addict

Starting the day with a cup of tea is pretty much ritual. As the evening rolls in it’s time for another cuppa. And if it’s raining, the first thing we can think of is chai! Well, it’s safe to say Dubai loves its Karak and how! From Karak to cutting chai at a local cafe, tea is dear among many. So, here are 10 bang on signs that you are chai addict!

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1. Karama Is Your Go-To

2. Slurp Is Your Favourite Sound

3. The Smell Of Tea Brewing Makes You Smile

4. You Can’t Function Without Chai Breaks

5. You Google The Latest Chai Places In Town

6. You Can’t Help But Not Relate To People Who Don’t Like Chai

And if you’re nodding to all of the above, congratulations, you are officially a chai addict! There’s some good news too! According to a recent study carried out by the National University of Singapore (NUS), tea drinkers tend to have healthier brains than people who don’t drink tea.