6 Things Every Backpacker Should Know Before Booking A Hostel Stay

by Suchismita Pal
6 Things Every Backpacker Should Know Before Booking A Hostel Stay

Hostels are the coolest places to stay in travel destinations. Ask why? Modern-day hostels aren’t just boring rooms with shared beds, they come with oodles of perks. With young crowds, jamming sessions, quick food options, quirky posters and much more, hostel experiences can make your holidays vibrant and lively. You can also meet like-minded people and discover offbeat places in unison. However, before booking a travel hostel, you need to keep certain things in mind, which are as follows:

1. You Will Have To Use Shared Washrooms

If you’re not comfortable sharing washrooms with strangers, hostels are not your cup of tea. As hostels come with shared beds and shared washrooms too. Also, if you’re ready to use shared washrooms, be informed how many people are going to share them. There might be one room with four beds and a washroom. Or there might be an entire floor with one washroom.

2.  You Better Not Be Introvert

Hostels are the places where people from different sectors come together, meet each other and exchange conversations. Open mics, musical gigs and engaging talks are common in hostels. Those putting up at hostels are usually open-minded and would love to give you back a warm smile even if they do not know you. So, if you do not like socialising, you should prefer private stays over hostels.


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3. Keep Lock And Key Handy

The good part of hostels is you can meet new people. But the bad part is, you really don’t know them. Cases of kleptomania aren’t new in hostels. So, try to keep your belongings safe. Carry a lock and key and lock your bags whenever necessary.

4. Be Flexible To Changes In Plan

You might visit the hostel with certain travel plans in mind. But when you make new friends, they might change. Be open to the changes. It gives scope for exploring new places and undiscovered horizons.

5. Be Clean

Remember, there will be other people staying with you at the hostel in the same room. They will use the same washroom too. So, maintain cleanliness in the hostel space for the convenience of others and yourself.

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6. Last But Not The Least! You Might End Up Extending Your Trip

Being in the travel sector, we have come across many folks who end up extending their stays for days and even months. They make their hostels their temporary home and workplace, both at the same time. And that’s pretty cool we guess. You just need to get your WFH approved and you’re sorted!