62% Indians Feel Guilty While Making Less Sustainable Choices; 52% Believe Environmental Damage Is Irreversible: Report

Booking.com Sustainable Travel Report 2024 shows Indian travellers’ desire to embrace sustainable travel.

by Tashika Tyagi
62% Indians Feel Guilty While Making Less Sustainable Choices; 52% Believe Environmental Damage Is Irreversible: Report

People these days understand the need and importance of inculcating sustainable practices while travelling. In fact, according to Booking.com Sustainable Travel Report 2024, 95% of Indian travellers confirm that sustainable travel is important to them. That’s not all, more than 93% say that they will travel more sustainably over the next 12 months. This Sustainable Travel Report gave an insight into people’s attitudes, priorities, and influences related to sustainable travel. Read on to learn more interesting findings from this report.

Indian Travellers Ready To Embrace Sustainability

Sustainable Travel Report
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Sustainable tourism has been in the limelight for a while. Travellers are more conscious now and take steps to protect the environment and minimise carbon footprint. As per Booking.com Sustainable Travel Report 2024, Indian travellers have expressed a desire for sustainable travel. So much so, that 95% of Indian travellers acknowledge the importance of sustainable travel. While, 93% claim that they will inculcate sustainable practices in their travel over the next 12 months.

These figures are quite astonishing, especially keeping in mind the growing weariness in people due to the challenges of choosing sustainable travel decisions. In fact, according to a study, more than 46% of travellers express fatigue from constant discussions around climate change.

These positive intentions are now meeting new challenges. According to this report, 62% of Indian travellers feel guilty when they make less sustainable travel choices. However, 52% feel that the damage already done is irreversible and that the travel choices they make are not going to change that. Furthermore, around 47% of the travellers feel their time spent travelling is too precious to put sustainability at the top of their decision-making list.

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Sustainable Travel Report Gives Insight Into Travellers’ Mindset

Sustainable Travel Report
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While there is a growing awareness and acknowledgement of sustainable travel, the idea still doesn’t resonate with the masses. According to Booking.com Sustainable Travel Report 2024, one-fourth (about 24%) of Indians feel travelling more sustainably is important, but not a primary consideration when planning or booking a trip. This report is gathered from insights from more than 31,000 travellers across 34 countries and territories.

As per the Sustainable Travel Report 2024, 42% of Indian travellers think they can have a positive influence on the social impacts of travel. Meanwhile, around 42% also feel that the government holds the most potential for countering the economic efforts. This narrows it down to the fact that there is a need for collective action that will ensure progress toward a more sustainable travel industry. The report also revealed the appeal of the word ‘sustainable’ while travelling. More than 48% of travellers find accommodation labelled as ‘sustainable’ more attractive.

This sustainable travel report surely makes us rethink many of our travel choices! What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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