66% Indian Travellers Say They Sleep Better On A Holiday. Here’s Why

by Shreya Rathod
66% Indian Travellers Say They Sleep Better On A Holiday. Here’s Why

In recent years, travelling has increased among individuals and so have travel trends. Skyscanner, a metasearch engine and travel agency, has released a travel trends report for 2024. With over 80 billion price searches made every day and connecting millions of travellers in 52 countries and 32 languages, Skyscanner is in a prime position to reveal the top travel trends for 2024. According to the report, 66 per cent of Indian travellers state that they sleep better on a holiday!

66% Of Indian Travellers Sleep Better On A Holiday!

indian travellers sleep better
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As the world gets busier and harder to escape from, sleep tourism is becoming more and more popular. The amount of individuals looking up sleep retreats on the internet and inquiring about what they are has increased over the past several years.  

People are growing more concerned about the health of their sleep at the same time. Actually, compared to a few years ago, 85% of Indian tourists are more aware of the quality of their sleep, and 20 per cent of them indicate that one of their top vacation activities will be sleeping.

66 per cent of Indian tourists claim that when they travel, they sleep better. While 46 per cent of Indian tourists claim they don’t receive the 7-8 hours of sleep each night that are advised, and 65 per cent think they will need a sleep retreat by 2024.

There are three factors which contribute towards the travellers being able to complete their sleep:

  1. 35% is due to being away from the strains of daily life.
  2. 25% is due to an increase in physical activity. 
  3. 18% is due to accommodations being tidy, peaceful, and devoid of clutter.

According to the reviews on Skyscanner, the cities with the best scores for sleep quality in hotels are Hội An, Santorini, and Rome. 

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How To Restore Sleep?

indian travellers sleep better
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In order to assist visitors in obtaining the most restorative sleep possible while on vacation, Skyscanner has partnered with Stephanie Romiszewski, sleep physiologist and founder of “Re:Sleep,” to give her best advice.

  • Start by prepping which means incorporating light exposure and exercise into your morning routine and rising at the same time every day to help you maintain a regular sleep or wake cycle.
  • Maybe play some calming rain sounds and turn out the lights and the noise. Allow yourself to sleep. Allow your thoughts to stray, and they will eventually surface.
  • Even if you don’t want to, eat at the mealtimes associated with your new time zone and wake up at your regular wake-up hour. 
  • Make the most of your days and don’t stress about getting enough sleep; it will help you fall asleep as your body adjusts to the new normal.

For 2024, Skyscanner has found 7 travel trends. There are three categories of behavior-led travel: Analogue adventurers, Celebration vacationers, and Luxe-for-less seekers. While, 4 culture-led travel vibes include Gig tripping, Main character energy, Budget bougie foodies, and Destination Zzz. In 2024, tourists are looking for cultural activities more than ever. 

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If the previous year was all about the freedom to “revenge travel” following the lifting of COVID-19 limitations, then 2024 will be about travelling to places that evoke certain emotions.

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