7 Fictional Lands I Wish To Go To & Never Return

by Akriti Seth
7 Fictional Lands I Wish To Go To & Never Return

Every time I walk out of the theatre after watching a fantasy or fictional movie I start wishing that these places existed for real. Somehow I leave a part of me with every movie/series I watch.

Jotting down a few of them below, let me know in comments which fictional land you’d want to go and never come back.

1. Pandora (Avatar)

This fictional universe of Avatar resided by the Na’vi, a sapient indigenous humanoid species, is located on the fictional exoplanetory moon, Pandora.

The sky lit up like Northern Lights forms an awe-inspiring backdrop to the beautiful yet dangerous bio-luminescent flora and fauna.

AVATAR-Inspired Land Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Pandora from Avatar

Residing in the highly magnetic spaces of Pandora is the Tree of Souls connecting every living organism on the Planet and I just am awed by the entire concept every time I watch this movie.

A beautiful mind gives birth to beauty. This land is like a dream in which one would want to live and use the strength of the mind to the fullest to connect spiritually to the vast universe.

2. Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Walk into a furniture shop and open every wardrobe just to see if one of them leads to Narnia. Raise your hands, if you’ve done that. *Raises hand quietly*.

Narnia from The Chronicles Of Narnia
Narnia from The Chronicles Of Narnia

My eternal love for winter draws me towards Narnia amongst the lion king Aslan and the White Witch.

Sadly the winter here comes with no Christmas decorations and bells as the evil White Witch has spelled the land with a perpetual winter. Oh, I just wish I could be one of those kids who have a free pass to Narnia away from these worldly chores.

3. Hogwarts (The Harry Potter Series)

You’d call me stupid but I’ve looked at every platform to find Platform No. 9 3/4 with Hogwarts Express calling all students. But alas, I’ve failed miserably each time.

This land of dreams, of witches and wizards, of strange characters and spells that change your world upside down, of cauldrons and mystic creatures and magic. Who would not want to be a part of such a world?! After all, Hogwarts is no less than a Five Star heritage hotel converted into a school.

Hogwarts from Harry Potter Series
Hogwarts from Harry Potter Series

I’ve waited for my acceptance letter from Hogwarts each year in January, each and every year since I’ve watched this movie. I think I am a muggle and I am sure there are more people like me out there. But if I ever make it to the sorting hat ceremony, I’d wish for Gryffindor because of the love I have for Harry!

What about you? Which house would you want to be in? Let me know in the comments, I am very eager to know!

4. Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)

My life is certainly no less than a Wonderland right now. Every trouble starts with random ‘EAT ME’ or ‘DRINK ME’ (if you know what I mean). A land where a rabbit has a pocket watch, a talking cat, an arguing pair of flowers, a caterpillar that can read a scroll and lots of adventure.

Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland
Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland

Tea-parties and the Mad Hatter none other than Johnny Depp certainly take my heart away. I’d totally not to forget  to mention the rebellion bit against the Red Queen, which is my personal favourite.

If I ever go down that rabbit hole, I don’t think I’d ever come back from that madness and orderly chaos called Wonderland.

5. Troll’s Tree and Bergen Land (Trolls)

Who does not want to be in a perpetual state of happiness… singing, dancing and hugging all day? Who does not want live in a world of bright colours and glitter? Well, I would love to, for once!

The Trolls are cute dolls with up-combed furry hair who live on Troll’s tree and have a hug-time at least once every hour.

Troll's Tree from Trolls
Troll’s Tree from Trolls

If I could just be in troll’s land forever singing and being merry, I’d throw glitter everywhere just like Princess Poppy and trust me sing on the top of my voice, dance like I am high (on life) and hugs, hugs, hugs. Gosh, I can feel all those endorphins already!

6. Inside the Mind (Inside Out)

Inside the mind is a place to be with colourful rollercoasters of varied emotional rides and imaginary friends that shower you with love.

Won’t it be fun to be a part of your own mind and control our emotions? The personality islands in the movie are like theme parks filled with memories of past lived and re-lived. They make us who we are.

Control Room from Inside the mind of the movie Inside Out
Control Room from Inside the mind of the movie Inside Out

I was watching this movie the other night and I could so relate to the struggles of joy. Well, none the less, all’s well that ends well because there is always a way back from the memory dump.

7. Game of thrones (The Game of Thrones Series)

Game of Thrones. Is the name not enough? Well, if its not then set in the background of The Seven Kingdoms is the entire setting of Game of thrones.

Westeros From Game of Thrones
Westeros From Game of Thrones

Whenever I think about life in the time of Game of Thrones I picture myself at Winterfell, next to my beloved Jon Snow (only if he weren’t at the Night’s Watch).

Ah, the land idea of Game of Thrones is so beautifully structured that I sometimes confuse it with reality and get lost in the lavish decorations in Westeros, rustic feels of the Winterfell and a forever spring weather at the High Garden. I’d love to be a traveller in one of the kingdoms and reside in the times of the dragons and legendary men.

Let me tell you a secret, I am very scared of the White-walkers but I’d still want to be a part of the time and story.

So, that’s all for now. Let me know in the comments about your favourite fictional place.

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