Ever Tried Ice Cream & Fries? These 7 Food Mash-Ups Are Totally Worth Trying!

by Kritika Kukreja
Ever Tried Ice Cream & Fries? These 7 Food Mash-Ups Are Totally Worth Trying!

I once had a friend who would make grilled Maggi sandwiches and they tasted awesome! If you’re got a knack of preparing food combinations, this one is for you. You might find many types of food inventions in the dessert and junk food category, but have you ever combined those two? Like a burger with probably a scoop of ice cream in it? Can you imagine what that would taste like? Here are some epic food combinations that would take some serious guts to try!

1. Ice Cream With Fries

A bit of savory and sweet is the perfect way to describe the dish of ice cream fries served at Devon Cafe, Sydney. Along with that, the cafe serves a lot of other fried goods (like chicken pops) with ice cream as well. How does that sound?

Ice Cream Fries

2. Bacon With Jam

Have you ever heard a meat combination with jam as topping? Well, here’s your chance to try it out. If you’re still unsure, you can purchase an already prepared version of the ‘bacon jam’ that can be found in your gourmet store.

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(Image Credit – Pinterest)

3. Pizza With Honey

We’re already big fans of honey in our garlic dips, so why not take it a step further? Pour some honey as topping on your delicious pizza and try it out. If you’re not sure if it might work out, dilute the honey so that the taste is mild.

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(Image Credit – Serious Eats)

4. Cheese And Jam Fillings

Whether it’s your sandwich or your croissant, have you tried out a mix of cheese and jam as your filling? It gives a wonderful taste with salty cheese and sweet jam.

Cheese and Jam Filling

5. Mango With Chili Powder 

If you’re walking out on the streets in Mumbai, you’d find many vendors selling unripe mangoes and sprinkling chili powder over it. It gives you the best combination of spicy and sweet in one lovely roadside dish.

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(Image Credit – Flickr)

6. Popcorn With Ice Cream

Yes, there are plenty of things one can do keeping ice cream as constant in a preparation. After fries, popcorn happens to be the new mixer dish. Match the ice cream flavor with the popcorn, or make a new recipe, up to you!

(Image Credit – Belleau Kitchen)

7. Vodka With Pani Puri

This food combo is strictly Indian. The glorious Pani Puri comes with a twist of our favorite alcohol in it. You can either dilute your vodka with the original pani used for Pani Puri, or soldier up with a neat vodka Pani Puri. Head to Mumbai Vibes for a taste of sheer yum!

(Image Credit – Travels For Taste)

Most of the these dishes can be easily prepared by you at home. If you’re good at experimenting, tell us a dish you would like to prepare and comment below!

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