7 Fun Things To Do At Zabeel Park Dubai

by Saniya
7 Fun Things To Do At Zabeel Park Dubai

Zabeel Park, true to its skyscraping surroundings, signifies the urban Dubai. This downtown public park is said to be one of the first technology-driven parks in the Gulf. It also houses some of the best attractions in Dubai. Here are a few things to do in Zabeel Park:

1. Click A Picture With Dubai Frame

View the contrasting vibes of Dubai City here. Juxtaposed between the Old Dubai and the New Dubai this Dubai attraction lets you enjoy Dubai in a whole new panoramic way. The glass bridge at the top, though scary at first, is a favorite aspect of Dubai Frame. It lets you enjoy the scenes underneath your feet giving you the vibe of walking in the sky. You can get the tickets here.

2. Get Mesmerized At Dubai Glow Garden In Winters

Dubai Glow Garden brings a variety of attractions in Winters. From Ice sculptures to Dinosaur Park, there are multiple attractions here. You can also enjoy the feature attraction here- the Glow-in-the-dark garden that has millions of light saving bulbs designed to create mesmerizing sculptures.

3. Bring Out The Inner Virat Kohli In You

(Credits: Dubai Municipality )

Zabeel Park has one of the oldest and the most extensive cricket grounds of Dubai. So get your friends and practice your six-hitting abilities like Virat Kohli or go ahead and bowl some yorkers like Bumrah! This one is a great way to indulge in some sports activities this Zabeel Park visit.

4. Jog And BMX On Dedicated Tracks

(Credits: Times Of India)

The park has dedicated tracks for you to hop onto your BMX or take a jog across the mark. Exercise your leg muscles or complete your cardio routine here.

5. Flex Your Muscles At The Fitness Class

Zabeel Park
(Credits: Classpass)

In the mood for some outdoor exercise and calorie burning? There are various clubs and fitness classes organized by groups here from time to time.

6. Float At The Boating Lake

(Credits: Dubai Municipality)

Rent a boat at the Zabeel Park and take a boat ride at their boating lake. This one is a neat little attraction for families, especially with young visitors to the park.

7. Set Up A Barbecue Picnic

Zabeel Park
(Credits: Dubai Municipality)

What is a Dubai park without excellent barbecuing facilities! At Zabeel Park, you have ample grilling stands to flip your burgers as well as chalets to set your picnic under. The kids can enjoy the playing area as well while you relax under the sky.

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