7 Hidden Gems Of Chandni Chowk

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
7 Hidden Gems Of Chandni Chowk

Located in the heart of Old Delhi, it is a bustling market full of hidden treasures. Chandni Chowk was established in 1650, along with the Red Fort. Come and explore the dusty lanes that are lined up with iconic shops. Easily accessible by metro, you need to spend at least a few hours in this part of Old Delhi to learn how to fall in love with ‘organized chaos’.

The serpentine lanes crammed with shops, hawkers, eateries, tourists and layers of history will transport you to a whole new world. If you are a photographer, foodie or perhaps a shopaholic, this is your true pilgrimage. Here’s how to spend a meaningful day amidst the hustle-bustle of food, religion, history, chaos, custom and commerce.

1. Stop Time At Ghari Market (Watch Market)

In this market, you’ll find the greatest treasures of watches and clocks. Get replicas of various brands at dirt cheap prices (₹350).

2. Indulge At Paranthe Wali Gali

The whiff of hot oil and deep-fried stuffed parathas are hard to resist. A legacy that has been running since 1875, they’re hard to miss by! Try the Green Chilli Parantha – it includes one green chilli stuffed paratha served hot with veggies like Aloo Methi, pumpkin, green chutney and banana chutney, priced at ₹70.

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3. Go Click Click At Photo Market (Camera Market)

Come here to find all various brands of cameras and essential accessories for pro-level photographers or even beginners! Stop by at Varun Photo Store that is the only shop sell Fuji Film in Delhi.

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4. Sweet Treats At Old Famous Jalebi Wala

Indulge in deep fried and hot jalebis that are pure heaven! Get yourself the Big Jalebi that is dripping in pure ghee and deliciousness.

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5. Try Out Natraj Dahi Bhalle

This iconic shop has copyrights on the chaat masala they use in bhallas. One plate of Khatta Meetha Dahi Bhalla includes chaat masala sprinkled on top of the Dahi Bhallas.

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6. Shop For Amazing Bridal Wear

Get yourself perfect designer wear lehengas at this shop at affordable prices. Hazarilal Jain & Bros is a 110 years old store selling bridal wear lehengas.

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7. Get The Perfect Scent At Gulab Singh Johrimal

This shop is 202 years old and was founded in the year 1816. Now run by the 8th generation, they specialize in perfumes and attar. You’ll find the purest forms of Attar, perfumes and fragrances. Rooh Gulab – priced at ₹28,000/10ml is made from real rose petals and is the purest form that has a very strong fragrance.

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The charming lanes still cast a spell amongst many who come to visit here!


Address: Chandni Chowk, Delhi
How to get there: Take a metro on the yellow line and get down at Chandni Chowk station, walk towards the opposite road or take a cycle rickshaw to any of these places and he will take you in just Rs. 30.