7 Mouth-Watering Dishes To Eat In Abha Of Saudi Arabia On Your Visit

by Anupriya Mishra
7 Mouth-Watering Dishes To Eat In Abha Of Saudi Arabia On Your Visit

For those of you, who are not aware, Abha is the capital of the Asir province in Saudi Arabia. Home to birds, juniper forests and of course the towering Jabal Soodah peak, this province is a culturally rich region, and the flavorful dishes here reflect the same. Yes, it reflects the relationship of people to their surroundings. So, here’s a list of dishes to eat in Abha when you decide to visit!

Dishes In Abha To Eat

1. Al-Tasabi

margerine Dishes In Abha To Eat
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Al-Tasabi is a dish that is generally prepared for celebratory or traditional events. Making this dish requires milk, flour, and finger-shaped dough. After this, it is cooked over a fire until done. When it comes to serving the dish, people generally do so with Margarine, which is a spread!

2. Haneeth

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One of the most popular dishes in the region happens to be Haneeth. Generally prepared outside, it is usually cooked in an iron pot over a sandpit. You can enjoy this flavoursome dish with rice and there are also many restaurants in the region that serve this dish by its traditional way of preparation. In case you are wondering, this recipe is made by covering the meat in markh plant during the cooking process.

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3. Mashgotha

Mashgotha Dishes In Abha To Eat
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Mashgotha is another pretty famous dish in Abha Asir! This delicacy is usually prepared in the winter season and is made by whisking yoghurt with flour to make it take a thick mixture. After this, Radhifa is placed on top of them and is then finally served with pieces of beeswax. However, it’s worth noting that one can also so small pieces of dough, which is generally referred to as kart.

4. Aseeda & Areeka

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Aseeda can be called porridge which consists of whole wheat flour that is cooked until it becomes thick. One can add spices to this porridge to make it savoury. Not to mention, it is generally paired with soup and yoghurt. Coming to Areeka, this is a liquid dough, which is grilled on a griddle and is then served along with a dish accompanied by honey and ghee in the middle.

5. Miva bread

Miva bread Dishes In Abha To Eat
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Miva bread is often regarded to be similar to other Saudi pastries, like khameer. It is baked in an oven, which is known as Tanour, after being left for fermentation for long hours. Spread out in an oval shape, almost all Asiri dishes are incomplete without Miva bread.

6. Al-Radhifa

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The next name on this list is a calorie-rich dish, which is generally served for breakfast. Prepared with ingredients like fresh milk, flour, and ghee, Al-Radhifa is a mixture that is relished by many in the region for a hearty meal. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

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7. Milla

Milla Dishes In Abha To Eat
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Milla is another dish that’s famous in the region. Its preparation is similar to that of Haneeth. However, one cannot regard both of these dishes as the same. For this, one must spread the meat on myrrh branches and then cover it with another layer of myrrh. After this, it is left buried in the Earth for cooking, which could last for up to 3 hours. After this, it is flavoured with salt and served with a side of steaming rice.

So, if you too plan to visit the area soon, don’t forget to treat yourself to some of these local delicacies, and we are sure you will love them.

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